Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan for the UCSF School of Nursing contains six strategic imperative. View a graphic that provides an overview of the Strategic Plan or select the tabs below to learn about each imperative.

Strategic Imperative 1: Deepen Involvement in Clinical Practice and Innovation 


  • Generate $500,000 annually from clinical activity within three years.
  • Increase support for faculty working in clinical settings
  • Increase the percentage of faculty with a primary focus on clinical work

Strategic Imperative 2: Create Thematic Research Foci


  • Be No. 1 in NIH funding, large and more diverse portfolio
  • Develop current and new research strengths
  • Better leverage campus resources
  • Develop rich and collaborative research culture
  • Maintain commitment to community and state
  • Focus on PhD as a pathway to research career

Strategic Imperative 3: Optimize Our Education Offerings

Goals: Bring our educational offerings in line with the needs of our students and to prepare for the transformation that is gaining strength as the profession moves toward adopting the DNP.

Strategic Imperative 4: Deepen Our Commitment to Diversity


  • Increase recruitment of faculty and staff from underrepresented communities of color
  • Increase recruitment of students from underrepresented communities of color
  • Improve student supports to foster an inclusive learning

Strategic Imperative 5: Simplify Our Organization

Goals: Transform our organization into one that is simpler and easier to understand, enables working across disciplines and departments, and deploys our resources to maximum effect for the school as a whole.

Strategic Imperative 6: Pursue Opportunities for Strategic Philanthropy

Goals: To pursue an alternative strategic philanthropic approach that builds upon the distinctive contribution that academic nursing makes to society.