Family Health Care Nursing

The Department of Family Health Care Nursing optimizes the health and well-being of children, women, and families in a changing multicultural society through our nursing programs of teaching, research and practice, as well as through community service locally and globally.

Family Health Care Nursing is a department within the School of Nursing.


The Department of Family Health Care Nursing supports the education of nurses who become leading researchers and expert advanced practice registered nurses (APRN), with a focus on serving diverse and underserved communities. The specialties train both Master’s and Post-Master’s level APRN students along with doctoral students.

Certified Nurse Midwifery (CNM)/Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner (WHNP)

The Certified Nurse Midwifery (CNM)/Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner (WHNP) specialty prepares advanced practice clinicians to provide primary care to childbearing individuals in a variety of inpatient and outpatient settings including clinics, hospitals, homes and birth centers. The graduates provide care that is informed by a core belief in patient autonomy and the importance of supporting physiologic processes, including birth.

Family Nurse Practitioner

The Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) specialty educates future health care leaders in clinical care, research and policy. We are committed to training providers who are dedicated to increasing health equity. Students learn to provide excellent community-based, primary care to a wide range of patient populations with complex health care needs.

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner/Clinical Nurse Specialist

The Neonatal Nurse Practitioner/Clinical Nurse Specialist specialties develop culturally sensitive providers who are able to address the complex health needs of acutely ill and recuperating neonates and infants and their families, and reduce disparity in neonatal care access. Students can choose to become either a neonatal nurse practitioner (NNP) or neonatal clinical nurse specialist (CNS).

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner-Acute Care

The Pediatric Nurse Practitioner-Acute Care (PNP-AC) specialty prepares advanced practice clinicians who provide family-centered care to meet the specialized needs of infants, children, adolescents, and young adults with unstable chronic, complex acute, and critical health conditions.

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner-Primary Care

The Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Primary Care (PNP-PC) specialty prepares clinicians and leaders to promote health equity and optimal health from birth through young adulthood in ambulatory settings. Students develop knowledge and skills in pediatric primary health and chronic illness care for infants, children, and adolescents in community and clinic environments.


Faculty research focuses on health and optimal development of children, adults and families across the lifespan; and developing and testing interventions to optimize health, quality of life, and health equity. Basic, clinical, policy and translational studies are conducted to develop knowledge about reciprocal relationships between family processes and health in acute and chronic illness. Additionally, faculty engage in research that optimizes health equity, prevention and wellness. Faculty research emphasizes partnerships with communities and research participants from diverse backgrounds where health disparities exist locally and globally.

Patient Care

The faculty in the Department of Family Health Care Nursing engage in active faculty practice across settings in the academic health centers and community settings.


Phyllis Blackwell
Ladan Khoddam-Khorasani

Brody Lowry
Laura Moy

Griselda Thomas
Jeremy Wong


Linda Abramovitz**
Abbey Alkon
Mary Alvarez-Nutting**
​​​​​​Rebecca Amirault*
Seth Ammerman**
Anne Arnhym**
Ifeyinwa Asiodu
Jessica Axelrod**
Alicia Bacchus**
Ellen Bair**​​​​​
Kimberly Baltzell
Debbie Bamberger**
​​​​​​Sarkis Banipalsin**
Michaela Barelka**
Ivette Becerra-Ortiz**
​​​​​Emily Beck
Cynthia Belew
Amber Bell
Mindy Benson**
Tamar Besson**
Alden Blair**
Talia Borgo**
Rabea Bounar**
Aida Bruun**
Michelle Buchholz
Sari Bushman**
Annette Carley
Kristine Carter**
Nicholas Carvelli**
Elizabeth Castillo
Gina Catena**
Elizabeth Causey**
Carrie Chan
Milan Chavarkar**
Jyu-Lin Chen
Brittany Christiansen
Nina Chu**
Elizabeth Colglazier**
Elizabeth Cook**
Dena Cuyjet**
Kim Dau
Anne Debattista**
Ana Delgado*
Liz Donnelly**
Quoc Thien Du**
Diana Dukhovny**
Jennifer Dunn**
Suzanne Eder**
Ada Edwards**
Annika Ehrlich**
Carrie Evans
Susannah Ewing**
Joan Flores**
Gregory Foley**
Linda Franck
Elizabeth Gatewood
Asmara Gebre*
Bethany Geleris
Kristen Ghoussaini**
Katie Gibson**
​​​​Catherine Gilliss
Keely Giss**

Donald Golden**
Sharon Goldfarb**
Bridget Gramkowski
Nikia Grayson**
Jose Gutierrez
Joseph Harrison**
Anna Hines**
Fabienne Hollinger**
Kimberlee Honda**
Lucille Huang**
Jennifer Huggans-Zapeta
Marianne Hultgren
Jay Hunter**
Margaret Hutchison*
Raluca Ioanid**
Julia Isen**
Mary Anne Israel
Elisa Jang**
Lourdes Juarez**
Lindsey Justice**
Molly Kenward**
Tekoa King**
Rajashree Koppolu**
Roseanne Krauter**
Margaret Kray**
Angel Kuo
Andrea Kuster
Tiffany Lambright**
Bennett Lareau-Meredith**
Steven Leiner**
Mary Lesh**
Lisa Letishock**
Erin Li**
Lin Lin
Siwei Liu**
Lisa Lommel
Rana Lozani**
Carolyn Lund**
Aubrey Lung**
Mary Lynch
Audrey Lyndon**
Nanette Madden**
Deena Mallareddy
Janis Mandac-Dy**
Carmen Mandac**
Jaclyn March**
Alison Marshall**
Mary Massella Hernandez
Erin Matsuda**
Christine Mayor**
Mary Mays**
Colleen McEvoy**
​​​​​​Anne Marie McGrath**
Jeff Mckinney**
Renee Mehra
Lisa Mihaly
Kara Myers
Shelly Nakaishi**
Sarah Nathan
Becca Neuwirth
Chelsea Noone
Carolina Noya

Jerry John Nutor
Joan Okasako**
Stig Olson**
Tamara Ooms**
Maria Openshaw**
Mijung Park
Claire Parker**
Kristen Peek
Andrea Pfeffer**
Kim Pyke-Grimm**
Mary Rabitz**
Andrea Raider**
Michalle Ramirez-McLaughlin
Ana Rapoport**
Amy Renfro
Carmen Rivera**
Abbey Roepke
Meredith Russell**
Ellen Schell**
Kelly Schmidt**
Megan Schoettler**
Gabe Schwartz**
Andrew Shah**
Maureen Shannon
Pallavi Sheth**
Rebecca Silvers**
Tracy Sirota**
Shawna Sisler**
Kristen Sligar
Chrissy Smith**
Karen Sprague**
Tae-Wol Stanley**
Sandra Staveski
Linda Stephan
Rosa Maria Sternberg**
Naomi Stotland*
Margaret Sullivan**
Simranjeet Tagore**
Mark Thomas**
Lisa Thompson**
Starr Tomlinson**
Joyce Trompeta*
Celina Trujillo
Julia Tse**
Susan Turpin**
Tara Valcarcel**
Susan Valentin**
Leila Van Gelder**
Brian Vassalo**
Savanah Washington**
Gabrielle Westergren**
Gabe Westheimer**
Rebekah Wheeler**
Amy Willats**
Jodi Winemiller**
Robin Winokur**
Kathryn Wise
Kirsten Wisner**
Jyesha Wren**
Laurie Yoder**
Rumi Yokota**
Jian Zhang**

* holds a joint appointment at the UCSF School of Nursing
** volunteer faculty member at the UCSF School of Nursing

Emeritus Faculty

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