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Faculty Resources

Faculty Policy Manual

The School of Nursing Faculty Handbook includes information that is basic to faculty’s orientation to the School, and it is designed to provide faculty with the general knowledge needed for day-to-day activities. You can read the faculty handbook here.

Career Information and Openings

Career Information

Academic Appointment Openings

The Department of Family Health Care Nursing seeks candidates for a ladder rank, tenure track, faculty position as well as a full-time or part time clinical faculty position..

Clinical Instructor Openings

The Master’s Entry Program in Nursing (MEPN) seeks clinical instructors for our accelerated 12-month pre-licensure program.

  • Candidates must have at least a BSN and one year’s continuous full-time (or equivalent) experience as a Registered Nurse in the areas of Medical/Surgical, Pediatrics, Obstetrics, Psych/Mental Health or Public/Community Health Nursing. Per California Board of Registered Nursing requirements, the one year of full-time RN level experience cannot be met in an advanced practice role. If interested please contact MEPN Coordinator Kizza Chadiha or (415) 476-4810. Detailed description here.

Human Resources, for Campus-wide information on:

  • Jobs 
  • Benefits 
  • Training

Additional Resources

Technology Resources

E*Value Implementation and Evaluation

Learn more regarding the course evaluation project underway for the School, and the recently completed clinical placement implementation of E*Value.

Education & Curricular Innovation Hub

The School of Nursing’s Education and Curricular Innovation Hub was established in 2015 to support advancements in teaching and learning to meet the needs of nursing education in the 21st century. The Hub, housed within a distinct physical space, provides coordinated support for nursing faculty and staff.


School of Nursing Communications provides centralized communications services and support to the School of Nursing departments as well as to the Dean’s Office. Communications staff also serve on campus-wide committees to strengthen the quality of communications at UCSF, help create shared resources (see UCSF Brand Identity) that can benefit the entire UCSF School of Nursing community, seek out collaborative partnerships, influence communication policy, and promote as well as support student needs. For questions or assistance, please contact: Communications Manager. For all general inquiries, contact [email protected]


The School has two main websites: School of Nursing and Science of Caring. An oversight group or Web Governance Group, is responsible for the overall School website program including development and improvement prioritization. Membership is listed below. Please work with the representative for your area to bring forward web needs for consideration and discussion.

Web Governance Group

Meredith Appelbaum, Student Affairs
Annette Carley, RN, DNP, NP, Family Health Care Nursing (FHCN)
Cynthia Chor, Family Health Care Nursing (FHCN)
Mary Margaret, Physiological Nursing (PN) delegate: Sharon Solario
Michael McLaughlin, Student Affairs
Yana Peterson, Institute for Health & Aging (IHA)
Shandel Roberts, Student Funding Manager (Student Affairs)
Sharon Rose, Center for Global Health (CGH)
Brandee Woleslagle, Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS)
ASSN Student Representative(s), Ad Hoc

Promoting News and Events

Send news and events to the Communications Manager for promotion through this website or the School of Nursing social media channels. Access School logos, branded Power Point Templates, scientific posters, word documents, and flyers/posters. Please refer to the Communicators Network resources for broader campus promotion, to the UCSF Editorial Style Guide, and to the relevant specifics below.


School of Nursing will post on relevant websites (School of Nursing, Science of Caring, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Center for Global Health, Office of Diversity and Outreach, etc.) events, jobs, TA/RA/GSR positions, announcements, news, and important deadlines that are 1) open/relevant to students, faculty, or staff and 2) of particular interest to professional students. Please submit details including dates, location, and a brief description, preferably with advance notice through the campus calendar at Be sure to "follow" the School of Nursing group calendar. (Look for the submission button on the lower right. A login is required to submit events. Be sure to tag with School of Nursing as "affiliation" and "department/group.") For digital signage around the UCSF Campus, follow the instructions and share a JPG or PDF file (4.5 x 3 aspect ration/1200 x 800, at 96 dpi) to [email protected] two weeks prior to the event.

School of Nursing Weekly

School of Nursing Weekly is the best way to make sure your announcements, events, honors, and news listing(s) reaches all students, faculty, and staff.

There are communications, which are either regularly occurring or significant topically, that merit one-off broadcast messages. Here are some examples:

  • Faculty recruitments, which include a lecture for candidacy as part of the position
  • Dissertation defense for doctoral students
  • Trainings that include all faculty / staff / students, or annual, all School lectures 

While the above may appear as dedicated messages, they will also be included in School of Nursing Weekly. Be sure to submit 2 - 3 sentences along with a hyperlink to the School of Nursing Weekly using the online submission form before 3 PM on Thursdays.


Teaching Assistant, Teaching Residency, Graduate Student Research positions post using the online submission form to the TARA: Recruiting Teaching Assistants / Graduate Student Research / Research Assistant Positions board. Please use the word template to create the associated PDF advertisement. Positions are included in Nurse Weekly until filled and, when needed, may be shared directly with the students list(s).

Flyers and Posters

Flyers and posters are also a good way to publicize events. Student Life provides poster-making supplies for members of Registered Campus Organizations (RCO) or the Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA).

You may also submit advertisements of events to digital display monitors in the library, housing, and School of Pharmacy locations.

Need Help getting the word out? Contact the Communicators Network through Chatter. This internal group is dedicated to UCSF awareness and enables members to share news, questions, and answers. If you are not already on Chatter, here are some quick instructions on how to join.

Course Advertisements

You may submit courses open to nursing students to be advertised in our Nurse Weekly using the following form.

Education Verification Request

If you would like to request Education Verification for a former UCSF nursing student use this form. * Files are uploaded securely and kept confidentially. The UCSF School of Nursing only verifies specific information such as type of specialty, courses completed, course content, clinical and/or didactic hours. If you need only need degree conferral date and dates attended please contact the National Student Clearinghouse.


Please be encouraged to submit news items that relate to student programs, current students, alumni, or faculty; or news that would be of special interest to these same audiences or to perspective students. For example:

  • Awards and other milestones or accomplishments
  • Activities that students or program faculty are involved in, especially those that are high profile; those that advocate for nursing or our student programs; make nursing understandable to a general audience; involve community engagement or partnerships with industry or external partners
  • Outreach/diversity efforts
  • Student volunteer efforts

Ideally, news items will be submitted in the form of a brief story that only needs light editing, but we need at the very least the “who, what, where, and when” and an appropriate photo. In some cases, we may also submit news items for Science of Caring, Pulse of UCSF, or pitch stories to or Synapse on your behalf.

Events and news stories will be curated and may also be edited for length and style.

Social Media

All of the School of Nursing social media accounts should be vetted and approved through the Dean’s Office. If you would like to create/establish a social media account for your program, please check with [email protected] and validate that you have a percentage of a job description formally tasked with the maintenance and support of this resource.


School of Nursing has one main Twitter handle: @UCSFNurse. We will tweet or retweet announcements or news related to any student, faculty, or staff programs. If you don't have a Twitter account, send us your suggested tweet along with smartphone photo, if possible, and we can put it out for you. Tweets must be 140 characters or fewer.


The following School of Nursing departments have active Facebook pages:

As appropriate, you may request that communications post your events or news items here as well. Again, please provide us with at least the "who, what, where, and when," a photo, and any applicable links.

Student Organizations

Be sure to share your events with the Graduate & Professional Student Association and specifically the Associated Students of the School of Nursing.


Use the following to subscribe to our regular communications: