PhD, Sociology

For complete and detailed information on UCSF Sociology doctoral programs (including applications), please visit the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences pages at the website.

The Doctoral Program in Sociology focuses on the sociology of health, illness, biomedicine, and health care systems. Four areas of specialty concentration are available: 1) aging, chronic illness, and disability; 2) health policy, organizations and economics; 3) science, technology, and medicine studies; 4) race, class, gender, and health/health inequalities. Additional areas of study include HIV/AIDS, health professions and occupations, violence as a health issue, aging, among others.

The sociology doctoral program accepts applications from post baccalaureate students with backgrounds in the social sciences, in certain humanities such as history or philosophy, and in the health professions such as public health, nursing, psychology, or social work.

Recruitment and screening of applications for this program is handled directly by the SBS department.