Mission & Goals

Our Mission: To educate diverse health leaders, conduct research, advance nursing and inter-professional practice, and provide public service with a focus on promoting health quality and equity.

Our Vision: UC San Francisco School of Nursing's global community will lead innovation in science, education, health care, policy, population health, and health equity worldwide.

Our Values:

C        Community

A        Accessibility

R        Respect

I          Integrity

N        New Knowledge

G        Growth

In 2017, UCSF, as a whole, adopted a set of values under the acronym PRIDE, which stands for Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Diversity and Excellence. Described in detail, PRIDE values are: 

- Professionalism: To be competent, accountable, reliable and responsible,interacting positively and collaboratively with all colleagues, students, patients,visitors and business partners.
R - Respect: To treat all others as you wish to be treated, being courteous, kind and acting with utmost consideration for others.

I - Integrity: To be honest, trustworthy and ethical, always doing the right thing,without compromising the truth, and being fair and sincere.

D - Diversity: To appreciate and celebrate differences in others, creating an environment of equity and inclusion with opportunities for everyone to reach their potential.

E - Excellence: To be dedicated, motivated, innovative and confident, giving your best everyday, encouraging and supporting others to excel in everything they do.