Physiological Nursing

The Department of Physiological Nursing (PN) integrates science, education and clinical practice to improve the care of adults with complex acute and chronic conditions. Faculty members partner with UCSF Health and other Bay Area health networks to develop new knowledge and meet workforce needs. Populations of particular interest include oncology, cardiovascular disease, neurology, diabetes, gerontology and trauma. The department is committed to fostering equity in acute and chronic care outcomes and we seek diversity in our faculty, staff and learners.

Physiological Nursing is a department in the School of Nursing.


PN supports the continuum of nursing education from pre-licensure to doctoral education and post-doctoral training with a focus on complex care. Our faculty teach the medical-surgical and gerontological content in the Master’s Entry Program in Nursing. In addition, we are home to two advanced practice registered nursing (APRN) specialties: Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (AGACNP) and Adult-Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist (AGCNS). At the doctoral level, faculty teach didactic courses and supervise research studies in the PhD program and evidence-based practice projects in the DNP program. Post-doctoral trainees participate in sponsors’ programs of research and launch their own research careers.


Research in the PN focuses on a broad range of complex conditions using cutting edge approaches and research methods. The department has long-standing research in oncology, cardiovascular disease, acute illness, gerontology, diabetes and obesity. Emerging research areas include serious mental illness and palliative care. An evaluation of social determinants of health is integrated into all of our research studies with these clinical populations. Growth areas for the department are neuroscience and regenerative medicine. The research approaches and methods used by department faculty include artificial intelligence, algorithm-driven care, biomarkers and molecular mechanisms, predictive risk modeling, behavioral interventions, symptom management, qualitative and mixed methods, big data and data mining.

Clinical Practice

Clinical faculty in PN are experts in optimizing the health of patients with complex care needs. All clinical faculty members maintain individual clinical practices and/or work in health care systems. They work in a variety of acute care settings including critical care, internal medicine, oncology, cardiology and trauma. In addition to serving as PN's core faculty, the department has a robust volunteer faculty network of more than 100 clinical professors who contribute to the education and training of students in the clinical specialties.


Nicholas Marley, administrative analyst, assistant to the Chair
Anne McGuire, administrative assistant


Ron Abitona**
Catherine Alexander**
Emely Alfaro**
Scarlettr Aliga-Cabamungan**
Maria Apacible**
Lorin Bacon**
Fabio Badilini
Angel Barrios**
Beth Bauer**
Marilyn Bazinski**
Sasha Binford**
Erica Blaauw**
Astrid Block
M Linda Burnes Bolton**
Christine Cadelina**
Julia Challinor**
Aidan Chambers
Garrett Chan**
Tracie Citron**
Kelly Cook**
Heather Coyne
Kerry Decker-Cohen**
Brigid Donovan**
Eric Dwight-Gilroy**
Agatha Ekeh**
Alonya Elgrably
Ann Ellsworth**
Mitchel Erickson**
Jill Esquivel**
Bonnie Faigeles**
Thomas Farley**
Zack Feingold**
Lizbeth Flores-Byrne**
Elena Flowers
Tera Ford**
Kristina Fortes
Liz Fox**
Eduardo Francisco**
Corey Fry
Yoshimi Fukuoka
David Gordon**
Lisa Guertin
Karen Gylys
Maulah Halley**
Patricia Harris**

Lisa Hartmayer**
Annette Haynes**
Jeanne Hoffman**
​​​​​Lauren Hunt
Mary Hunter**
Katie Jang**
Catherine Jansen**
Colette Jappy
Cana Jenkins**
Jonathan Judy**
Laura-Ann Kee**
Patricia Kenny**
Laura Kinkade**
Kord Kober
Molly Kuzman**
Derek Lamboy
Geoffrey Latham**
​​​​​​Fania Lazarov
Marcella Leath
Melissa Lee**
Ya-Chen Lee** 
Susana Leong**
Heather Leutwyler
Sean Lewandowski**
Jill Ley**
Denise Li
Rachel Limon**
Mary Lough**
Mary Lovely**
Chen Low**
Doanh Ly
Kathleen Mackerrow**
Sueann Mark**
Schola Matovu**
Daniel Mcguire**
​​​​​Christine Miaskowski
David Mortara**
Peter Nelken**
Annelie Nilsson**
Ijeoma Okonkwo Pope**
Linda Ottoboni**
Michele Pelter
Vagn Petersen**
Mary Petrofsky**

Peterson Pierre
Janis Provinse**
David Pusateri**
Armilla Quien**
Marisa Quinn**
Richard Quitevis**
Sophie Roeung**
Julie Rossie**
Andrea Saito
Amy Salgado**
Hannah Samley
Cass Sandoval**
Hildy Schell-Chaple**
Jennifer Schwarz**
Elizabeth Scruth**
Jennifer Serafin**
Joseph Simmons
Ryan Sincic**
Kathryn Snow**
Claire Sommargren**
Christine Tacklind**
Nimaljeet Tarango**
Lindsay Thomas**
Julia Gallego Thompson**
Debra Tierney**
Erica Trimble**
Dawn Troeger
Angela Tsiperfal**
Anne Tucker
Chi Vang
Chelsea Vaughn
Maria Velasco**
Ellie Vierra**
Patrice Villars**
Katie Walker**
Meg Wallhagen
​​​​​Scott Weyland
Matthew White**
Piera Wong**​​​​​​
Janet Wu**
Tania Yarema**
Maria Yefimova**
Jingying Zhang**
Laura Zitella**​​​

**volunteer faculty member at the UCSF School of Nursing

Emeritus Faculty

Pamela Bellefeuille
Rosalie Bravo
Virginia Carrieri-Kohlman
Carole Deitrich
Marylin Dodd
Nancy Donaldson
Doranne Donesky
Glenna Dowling

Kathy Dracup
Barbara Drew
Mary Engler
Noreen Facione
Mary Foley
Erika Froelicher
Roxanne Garbez
Jeanie Kayser-Jones

Pat Larson
Lynda Mackin
Geraldine Padilla
Kathleen Puntillo
Laura Reif
Karen Schumacher
Nancy Stotts
Claudia West

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