Volunteer Faculty Network

The UCSF School of Nursing Volunteer Faculty Network (VFN) is a dedicated, diverse community of volunteers committed to the School of Nursing’s mission and supporting its educational, research and strategic activities. Members of the VFN provide services in  a wide variety of health care settings and specialty areas. These nursing leaders and health care professionals play a significant role in advancing UCSF’s mission to transform health care through their volunteer faculty status.

Volunteer Opportunities

Each of our volunteer faculty make a commitment to contribute at least 50 hours of services annually. There are many exciting opportunities, which include:

  • Precepting students
  • Teaching in UCSF seminars, skills labs or lectures
  • Developing curricular resources
  • Reading and evaluating comprehensive exams
  • Participating in recruitment activities
  • Expert consultation
  • Student mentoring
  • Serving on departmental, school and university committees
  • Helping to develop clinical placements and new program opportunities
  • Contribute to grant writing or fundraising
  • Research or scholarly activities
  • Instruction in our new UCSF Leadership Institute
  • Building strategic partnerships


Volunteer faculty members have the opportunity to not only shape the development of future nursing and health care leaders, but also impact School of Nursing strategic initiatives. Additional benefits include:

  • Access to UCSF world class library resources (e.g., online journals and some online courses)
  • A dedicated UCSF e-mail address
  • Access to Nursing Grand Rounds and other exclusive invitational events
  • Recognition as a UCSF volunteer faculty member
  • Access to faculty development and leadership opportunities
  • Possibility of promotion opportunities within UCSF through the faculty academic series
  • Precepting hours that may count toward required hours for national re-certification
  • Access to continuing education courses; sometimes with reduced or no fees
  • Reduced membership rates at UCSF Parnassus and/or Mission Bay Fitness Centers

How to Join the Volunteer Faculty Network

If you are interested in joining the Volunteer Faculty Network, please reach out to the Office of Clinical Affairs at [email protected].


For more information on the Volunteer Faculty Network and opportunities, visit the VFN Resource folder.

For more information on precepting, visit the Preceptor Portal.