Office of Research

The goal of the Office of Research at UCSF School of Nursing is to facilitate faculty and student research by:

  1. Offering programs and resources to support the development, submission, conduct and publication of research; and by
  2. Providing the needed information technology to foster research.

The Office of Research works in collaboration with the four School of Nursing department chairs and Institute for Health and Aging to provide a supportive environment for faculty, students, and staff involved in research. Support includes:

  • Information technology resources and services.
  • Design, methodology, and statistical/psychometric consultation services.
  • Intramural funding for faculty pilot projects after review and approval by the School of Nursing Research Committee.
  • Assistance and resources for developing research proposals and applications.
  • Central computerized repository of research information related to applications, forms, policies, procedures, and funding sources.
  • Research proposal writing and research manuscript writing workshops.
  • Peer review of faculty research specific aims and full proposals.
  • Central database of the School of Nursing's grants and contracts.
  • Assistance with doctoral students' and postdoctoral fellow research proposals, manuscripts, and presentations.
  • Development of scholarly exchanges.

The Office of Research is located in the Dean's Office on the third floor of the School of Nursing building. On the seventh floor, the School of Nursing Robert E. Slaughter Computer Resources Lab (Room N735) provides instruction and support for educators, researchers, and administrators as well as graduate nursing students in data management and analysis.

Research Design and Statistics Consultation

If you are a School of Nursing faculty member or student, you can request a consultation with one of our statisticians by completing our Research Design and Statistics Consultation request form.


NIH has an updated webinar series on Grantsmanship with key things applicants need to know about submission and review of applications.

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QUESTIONS? About peer review and these videos to CSR. About specific Institute programs/interest can be addressed to Program Officers.


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