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The Institute for Health & Aging (IHA) is the University of California's first campus-wide organized research unit (ORU) devoted to the study of health and aging and is the only ORU in the UCSF School of Nursing. The work of the institute includes extensive and successful research, training and public service in the areas of aging, health and health policy. Since being established in 1985, IHA has been successful in obtaining $326 million in extramural funding and establishing partnerships and collaborations within the university as well as with external groups, particularly with the California Department of Public Health. Research conducted at IHA has contributed to the passage of many policies on important public health concerns including tobacco use and control, Medicaid waivers for community supports and services, chronic care management, breast cancer and cervical cancer screening, and nursing home regulation and oversight. Additionally, research at IHA has bolstered efforts to protect and preserve important public health programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.


The Institute for Health & Aging provides comprehensive education and training in aging, health policy and health services research for pre- and post-doctoral scholars in a variety of social science disciplines. Over the past five years, IHA faculty members have mentored 125 predoctoral students and postdoctoral researchers, and nine visiting scholars. IHA also has a scholarship program with four components: the Carroll L. Estes Critical Scholars Program; the Estes Program in Law, Health and Aging; the Senior Scholar Program; and the Patrick Fox Scholarship Fund.


The Institute for Health and Aging is one of the premier health and aging research units in the world, and its research is recognized nationally and internationally. IHA’s primary function is to bring together faculty and staff to conduct innovative research in health and aging policy. Its research has had an important impact in the research and policy arena. IHA is known for its work in the key areas of aging and chronic illness, health promotion, women’s health, economics of the health effects of tobacco, and bioethics.


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