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Other Important Resources

Verification of scholarship-related items and verification of employment for former students: In order to obtain verification for scholarship or employment, please mail or email your request to the address below. We require at least a 48-hour turnaround time.

UCSF School of Nursing
Office of Student Affairs
Attention: Shandel Roberts
2 Koret Way, Room N319X
San Francisco, CA 94143-0602

Phone: (415) 476-4430
Email: [email protected]

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP): This policy defines Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for all who matriculate in the School of Nursing. The policy presents the standards adopted by the UCSF Graduate Studies Office, the School of Nursing, and the UCSF Student Financial Aid Office. Please note continued eligibility for financial support depends on your maintaining satisfactory academic progress. Read more detailed information.

Verification of transcripts, residency, specialty, or position from the Post-Master's Certificate Program: 

For verifications or transcripts from the Post-Master's Certificate Program, please call the School of Nursing's Office of Student Affairs at (415) 476-1435.

Student Funding Award Offer Letters: Students are notified as soon as award decisions are made, from mid-summer through early fall quarter via the School of Nursing's Student Funding Office. Scholarship recipients may be expected to write thank you letters to donors. The award offer letter will list the individual scholarship and the donor funding the scholarship, with further instructions about a thank you letter. Please note that the School of Nursing's Award Offer Letters are separate from the award letters that you may receive from the UCSF Student Financial Aid Office.

Tax Information: Some scholarships, grants, fellowships, traineeships, and other forms of gift aid that exceed the cost of tuition, fees, required books and supplies are taxable. For information about taxes related to education, review IRS Publication 970. More information is available here.

What happens if I am over awarded? Every student’s financial situation is unique. For example, if you are awarded a loan and then later receive additional financial support (TA, GSR, scholarship/fellowship), your loan(s) may be decreased or you may be required to immediately repay some of the loan. In order to minimize the impact of this situation, report all TA, GSR appointments, departmental fellowships, grants and external funding to offices and/or departments that awarded you funds: Financial Aid Office, School of Nursing's Student Funding Office, and the Graduate Division. It is important that you check your student account balance often. If you have any questions, please contact Student Accounts.

Important Reminders

  • Apply for scholarships and outside funding opportunities EARLY and to several sources!
  • Check your student account balance often!
  • When completing any paperwork, answer all questions directly and follow instructions.
  • Depending on the unique restrictions of each agency/scholarship, students may not be allowed to accept multiple funding offers during the same term. Stay in contact with the agency/office that awarded you funds.
  • Seek opportunities to gain research, service learning and volunteer experience. It looks good on your resume and it makes you more competitive.