DNP Program Common Questions About the UCSF DNP Degree Program

Can I attend part-time?
At this time, the program is only full time. Our curriculum is designed as a cohort model, and students are expected to progress through the program as a cohort and complete
courses in sequence. Core courses must be completed by the end of program year 1 (end of quarter 4).
How long is your DNP program?
The UCSF DNP degree program is seven academic quarters in length, as a post-Master’s program of study. It is a cohort model, and students are expected to complete courses in sequence.
How often must I come to campus?
There are three in-person immersions associated with the program, each 2-3 days in duration. The remainder of your coursework is provided online or at a practice site.

What is the typical workload for courses?
There are eight core courses occurring in program year one that are fully online. Each of these courses is worth three quarter-units of credit. Expect to devote approximately 15-18 hours per week for these courses, including time for reviewing online materials and participating in recurring web-conferencing. Year one also includes one required in-person immersion that occurs during the first week of the program, as well as the initial courses of the project and residency course series. Year two focuses primarily on development of your scholarly project, supported by the continued project and residency series. The project courses are delivered online; the residency series will be
tied to your project site. Year two also includes two additional required in-person immersions, each 2-3 days in duration, that occur at the start of program year two (quarter 5) and near the program end (quarter 7).
Can I apply if I do not have APRN certification or 500 practice hours from a prior Master’s or post-Master’s program of study?
At this time, we are approved for admitting applicants who have completed 500 Master’s or post-Master’s practice hours or who hold certification in a recognized APRN role.
Can I continue to work while in school?
Yes, we expect that most students will continue to work while they are in the DNP program.
Are there available scholarships or financial aid opportunities for DNP students?
We recommend you contact the Office of Student Affairs Student Funding Department or UCSF Financial Aid Office to discuss financial aid options.

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