DNP Admissions for Non-APRNs

The UCSF Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program accepts applications for master’s-prepared registered nurses (RNs) in two pathways. This page describes the pathway for RNs with master’s preparation in non-Advanced Practice Registered Nurse roles, such as an RN with master’s in Healthcare Administration, Healthcare Informatics or Business Administration.

All applicants need to submit evidence of a minimum of 240 practice hours demonstrating advanced practice level experiences; these hours are applied toward the required 1,000 post-baccalaureate practice hours needed for DNP degree conferral. Submission of an academic transcript can provide support for some practice hours.

All DNP applicants are eligible to submit evidence of up to 650 total practice hours that demonstrate advanced practice experiences. The anticipated number of practice hours needing to be completed during the DNP program of study will be prorated, based on the number of hours submitted with the application. The current DNP curriculum supports opportunities for completion of 500 practice hours over the program of study. For example, applicants submitting evidence of 400 practice hours will need to complete 600 additional practice hours during their DNP program of study. Those students who need to complete more than 500 practice hours during the DNP program of study may need to complete additional quarters of study, at the student’s expense.

Applicants planning to submit portfolio evidence of practice hours (up to 650 hours total, inclusive of transcript) will summarize the evidence within the “Prerequisite Clinical Courses/Certification” area of the DNP application, and provide additional supportive evidence such as narrative summary and slides, meeting minutes or support letters. Portfolio evidence will be evaluated by two faculty members as part of the application review process. Applicants planning to submit portfolio evidence should reach out to Maria Elena deGuzman, the DNP program administrative officer at [email protected].

Please review our complete admissions requirements for the DNP program.

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