DNP Scholarly Projects

Students in the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program develop, complete and present a scholarly project. This project is a core element of the degree program and represents a terminal synthesis of data related to an identified health care practice issue. Review the scholarly projects from our recent graduates.

2019-2020 Cohort

UCSF DNP cohort 2
  • Increasing the Knowledge and Confidence of Pediatric Clinicians to Screen and Counsel Adolescents about E-cigarette Use: A Quality Improvement Project (DNP student: Jennifer Nan Wineman; Chair: Marianne Hultgren, DNP)
  • A Habit-Tracking App to Promote Healthy Lifestyle Among Low-Income Hispanics with T2DM (DNP student: Kyoko Suzuki; Chair: Lisa Lommel, PhD)
  • Increasing the Knowledge and Confidence of Psychiatric Providers in Prescribing Clozapine for Treatment-Resistant Schizophrenia (DNP student: Renae Howard Klee; Chair: Teri Lindgren, PhD)
  • Modified Handoff Checklist for Psychiatric Patients: Improving Handoff Communication in an Inpatient Psychiatric Setting (DNP student: Nana Efua Doma Adabie; Chair: Marianne Hultgren, DNP)
  • Perceived Provider Knowledge and Self-Efficacy in Screening College Students for Food Insecurity (DNP student: Julie Poepoe; Chair: Annette Carley, DNP)
  • Enhancing Parenting Practices and Social Support in Cantonese-Speaking Families: A Quality Improvement Project Utilizing Group Video Conferencing (DNP student: Macy Lieu; Chair: Jyu-Lin Chen, PhD)
  • Nurse Leaders’ Perceived Knowledge and Confidence Managing Disasters in the Acute Care Setting (DNP student: John Cariaso-Sugay; Chair: Jyu-Lin Chen, PhD)
  • A Patient-Centered Birth Control Decision-Making Tool at an Adolescent Health Center (DNP student: Debbie E. Bamberger; Chair: Lisa Lommel, PhD)
  • Increasing Knowledge and Self-Efficacy of Emergency Department Nurses in Assessing Patients At-Risk for Violent Behavior (DNP Student: Blossom Nkoyo Inuenwi; Chair: Annette Carley, DNP)
  • Motivational Interview Education for Correctional Nurses to Improve Psychotropic Medication Adherence by Justice-Involved Juveniles (DNP student: Chia-Chen Lee; Chair: Marianne Hultgren, DNP)

2018-2019 Cohort

UCSF DNP Cohort 1
  • The Development of Adolescent and Young Adult Healthcare Transition Workshops to Increase Liver Transplant Providers’ Knowledge and Self-Efficacy (DNP student: Susan Diaz; Chair: Annette Carley, DNP)
  • Interprofessional Collaboration Within Obstetric Emergency Simulation Education: Team Performance Outcomes in Rural Kenya (DNP student: Morgan Aurelio; Chair: Lisa Lommel, PhD)
  • A Standardized Weekly Assessment Checklist to Assist MEPN Clinical Instructors (DNP student: Angelita Barrios; Chair: Annette Carley, DNP)
  • The Feasibility and Preliminary Efficacy of a Clinical Practice Guideline for Primary Care Providers in the Management of Antidepressant Induced Hyperhidrosis (DNP student: Summer Thompson; Chair: Jyu-Lin Chen, PhD)
  • Behavior Change Through Self-Empowerment After Diabetes Group Education (DNP student: Robin Sanderson; Chair: Lisa Lommel, PhD)
  • Medical Alert Cards: Improving Continuity of Care for Children With Complex Congenital Heart Disease (DNP student: Kun Lu; Chair: Deborah Johnson, DNP)
  • Improving Emergency Severity Index Accuracy by Emergency Department Triage Providers (DNP student: Merry Taheri; Chair: Lisa Lommel, PhD)
  • Revising an Organizational Readiness Tool for DNP Projects Using PDSA Cycles (DNP student: Milan Chavarkar; Chair: Marianne Hultgren, DNP)
  • The Impact of Integrating Health Policy Content Into a Non-Health Policy Course (DNP student: Sara Hunt; Chair: Annette Carley, DNP)
  • Assessing HIV Patient Satisfaction and Perceived Medication Adherence Through Telemedicine in Maui County: A Quality Improvement Project (DNP student: Bryan Chin; Chair: Marianne Hultgren, DNP)
  • Center for the Undiagnosed Patient: Use of a Checklist to Support Perceived Provider Efficiency (DNP student: Co-Chairs: Annette Carley, DNP and Marianne Hultgren, DNP)
  • Enhancing Role Knowledge to Support Successful Role Transition in Neonatal Advanced Practice Nursing Students (DNP student: Legina Garrett; Chair: Annette Carley, DNP)
  • Improving Adherence to Continuous Cardiac Monitoring Guidelines: An Intervention for Hospitalists (DNP student: Cheryl Catalan; Chair: Marianne Hultgren, DNP)