Debra Phillips Wins Clinical & Translational Research Fellowship (CTRFP)

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The School of Nursing’s Debra Phillips has been selected for the 2016-17 Clinical & Translational Research Fellowship (CTRFP). Debra is a first-year student in the Occupational & Environmental Health Nursing (OEHN) PhD Program. With her work experience as a neuro-trauma nurse, Debra is interested in the impact of traumatic brain injury on vocational success (return to work) and health economics. Her mentoring team is interdisciplinary with mentors from Neurosurgery (Primary mentor: Michael Huang, MD) and Nursing (co-mentor: OiSaeng Hong, PhD, RN).

CTRFP is a yearlong pre-doctoral training program open to students in the UCSF Schools of Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy. The program will provide training and mentorship in clinical and translational research methodology and practice. Debra will take a year off from her studies and commit to one year (July – June) of clinical and translational research work under the guidance of her UCSF mentors.

At the conclusion of Debra’s research year, she will participate in two events as part of the CTRFP program:

  • ePosterpalooza a scientific poster session that includes posters from all four schools and the five disciplines. Each fellow creates a scientific poster and then presents their work to a group of their peers and answers questions.
  • At the CTRFP Symposium, each student gives an oral presentation of their work to mentors and program leadership.

Debra is the third winner for this prestigious fellowship from the OEHN PhD group. Previous OEHN winners include: Julia Buss (2012-13), Alicia Swartz (2014-15), and Pathways to Discovery Yearlong Learner Carlo Hojilla (2015-16). This is a well-deserved honor for Debra and a tremendous source of pride for our OEHN program and School of Nursing.

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