Celebrating our Doctoral Students

UCSF School of Nursing doctoral students at recent Doctoral Dinner Celebration (L-R) Ariel Baria, Linda Bauwa, Sherry Yamamoto, Jenny Min; back row (L-R) Daniel Linnen, Debra Phillips, Laurie Bauer, Sarah Richoux, Patti Ambrose, Komal Singh. Photo credit:

The School of Nursing Dean’s Office and Student Affairs team schedule events throughout the year that provide an opportunity for celebration, networking, and conversation with the Dean. This past Tuesday October 27 in keeping with tradition of having second year doctoral students host a dinner for first year doctoral students we held the School’s “Doctoral Dinner” in the Faculty Alumni House. The annual doctoral dinner brings together current doctoral students for fellowship and mentorship. Faculty affiliated with the doctoral program were also invited. There are 84 doctoral students total enrolled in the School of Nursing.

Doctoral students pose on the steps of the Faculty Alumni House during the 2015 Doctoral Dinner event. Front row (L-R) Ariel Baria, Jenny Min, Sherry Yamamoto; 2nd row (L-R) Debra Phillips, Laurie Bauer, Patti Ambrose, Komal Singh; 3rd row (L-R) Linda Bau

You may have read about Daniel Linnen in the Scholarship Celebration piece recently posted. Daniel, one of our continuing doctoral students, sees a future in making “Big Data” accessible for revolutionizing nursing care at the bedside. He was at this dinner to help new students get oriented, and to greet old friends. By all accounts, everyone had a wonderful time enjoying the meal and getting to know each other better. Here you will find a few images from the event.

The School of Nursing doctoral students are truly the future of nursing and represent an integral component of our UCSF School of Nursing family. They assist our renowned faculty, help train and advise our extended nursing student population, and work tirelessly on their own pioneering nurse research. This is a motivated, interesting, and generally fabulous group of young leaders. If you see them around campus, do not be afraid to introduce yourself and ask them about their work—they are eager to learn and just as excited to share their discoveries with the public.

Doctoral students pose in front of the UCSF Kalmanovitz Library on Parnassus during orientation day (L-R) Laurie Bauer, Ariel Baria, Debra Phillips, Jenny Min, Meg Martin, Linda Bawua, Irene Cole, Daniel Linnen. Photo credit: unknown student