Associated Students of the School of Nursing

ASSN 2022-2023 Officers
Pictured above are ASSN 2022-2023 officers. Top row, left to right: Kim Lopez, Heather Coyne, Nora Ali, Mark Tungol, Sarah Nordman, Sachi Timmons, Nayelie Benitez Santos, Oluchi Okwu, Ross Theriot and Gladys Partida Manzano. Bottom row, left to right: Caroline Dancu, Chad Batchelor, Miriam Parra, Julie Gordon, Enrique Esteinou, Jolene Cuaresma, Erin Ear, Karandeep Ghuman, Melissa Im-Giuffrida and Katie Bucknell. 


The Associated Students of the School of Nursing (ASSN) is the official organization representing the School of Nursing students at UCSF. The ASSN is a great way to get involved in the School. ASSN board members advocate on behalf of students at the School and university levels, and serve as a liaison among the student body, staff and faculty.

The ASSN works to make changes students would like to see, and sponsors events, workshops, topics of interest and hosts panels. The ASSN sits on faculty boards, the GPSA board, alumni boards and various student organizations. 

Recent and current projects include student representation on various School committees; fostering community on campus with students, administrators, staff and others; assisting with updating the Student Handbook; anti-oppression document for Faculty Handbook and guest lectures; gender-neutral bathrooms; hosting lecture series for students; School of Nursing social events and fundraisers; artwork on campus (mural unveiling); working for additional support and emergency funding for students during the COVID-19 pandemic; and other issues that are important to students.

Resources Available to Students

Travel, Projects and Events Reimbursement

The ASSN offers reimbursement for travel, projects, and events that enhance the student learning experience at UCSF.

  • Through a new partnership with the Nursing Alumni Association, ASSN can offer up to $200 for conference reimbursement and travel grants for students during their time at UCSF. Applications for the grants are on a first-come, first-served basis until allocated funds run out. You can apply for pre-approval before you attend a conference using this form. You can apply for reimbursement with or without pre-approval using this form. Please note, if you do not apply for and receive pre-approval, there may not be ample funds to reimburse you fully or partially.

  • The ASSN also reserves an annual maximum of $300 available to each School of Nursing-affiliated student group to sponsor activities that benefit nursing students.

The process is different depending on which type of funding you are requesting. Please read below for further guidance about the appropriate forms and documentation necessary to start the process. Only complete applications will be evaluated. Please contact treasurer Katie Bucknell if you have questions.

Conference Reimbursement

The ASSN supports students attending or presenting at conferences. Applications for a conference reimbursement must be submitted after you attend the conference, along with supporting documentation. However, if you want to be guaranteed funding, you have the option of applying for pre-approval for your conference funding. The application must be submitted after attending the conference and is due no later than 30 days post-conference with all necessary receipts and supporting documentation.

How to Apply for Conference Reimbursement:

Step 1 (OPTIONAL, but important if you want to guarantee reimbursement): before conference, fill out the ASSN Pre-Approval Form for Conference Reimbursement

Step 2: After the conference, gather the following documentation:

  • Proof of conference registration

  • Proof of payment for the conference (this must be a receipt that shows a charge, check or cash payment, NOT just an invoice or itinerary)

  • Conference information, such as a copy of the conference description from a website or brochure

  • Receipts that illustrate expenses from any or all of these categories: conference registration, transportation (i.e. airfare, shuttles, taxi, rental cars), lodging, and food. (Please only include receipts up to the reimbursed limit of $200 per student per time as a UCSF student, i.e. it is not necessary to see other travel receipts if the $200 limit has been reached.)

Step 3: Use that documentation to fill out the ASSN Conference Reimbursement Application

Step 4: Once approved, submit a Request for Payment form to get paid.

Sponsored Event/Project

Funds can be granted to students who organize a special conference, presentation or project that enhances the student learning experience at UCSF. Recent examples include the UCSF Domestic Violence conference and the Undocujustice Health Panel. In an effort to share SON news with the UCSF community, we request that if funds are granted, a brief summary of the project/event be submitted to Synapse at [email protected] and to [email protected]. The article template is available here: Synapse Article Template.

For Sponsored Events/Projects, there are two phases to receiving funding:

Step 1: Use the ASSN Request for Sponsored Event/Project form to apply for funding before the event, as funding is NOT guaranteed and must be voted on by the ASSN members. Step 2. If your funding request is approved, then after the event, submit a Request for Payment/Reimbursement form to receive your funds. Please submit the request within 30 days after the event. Please contact treasurer Katie Bucknell if you have questions. Read the funding FAQ.

Basic Needs

The ASSN offers up to $100 per student per quarter to assist with basic needs such as gas, utilities, groceries, etc. The distribution will be on a first-come, first-served basis while funds are available. To request basic needs support, please complete this form.

ASSN Officers 2022 - 2023

Executive Committee
President Julie Gordon [email protected]
Co-Vice Presidents Kim Lopez
Mark Tungol
[email protected]
[email protected]
Secretary Miriam Parra [email protected]
Treasurer Katie Bucknell [email protected]
ASSN Committees
Social Chair Heather Coyne [email protected]
Social Media Manager Danielle Senecharles [email protected]
Nursing Alumni Association Council Representative Melissa Im-Guiffrida [email protected]
GPSA Liaison Enrique Esteinou [email protected]
Disability Resources Representative Adelaide Papazoglou [email protected]
Diversity, Inclusion and Outreach (DIO) Representative Kim Lopez [email protected]
Sigma Theta Tau International Co-Representatives  Sarah Nordman
Sachi Timmons
[email protected]
[email protected]
Student Health Advisory Committee Representatives Jolene Cuaresma
Karandeep Ghuman
[email protected]
[email protected]
Student Services Fee Advisory Committee Representatives Julie Gordon [email protected]
Nursing Faculty Council (NFC) Representatives
Nursing Faculty Council Representative Enrique Esteinou
(position 2 open)
[email protected]
Faculty Practice Committee Representative Chad Batchelor [email protected]
Recruitment and Retention Representative Erin Ear [email protected]
Research Committee Representative Joosun Shin [email protected]
DNP Program Representative Amy Renfro [email protected]
PhD Program Council Representative Caroline Dancu [email protected]
Master of Science Program Council Representatives Ross Theriot [email protected]
MEPN Council Program Representative Mary Heida-Flores [email protected]

Specialty/Program Liaisons

Adult Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist, Oncology and Critical Care Trauma Liaison Unfilled  
Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Liaison Unfilled  
Adult Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Liaison Donna Zhou [email protected]
Adult Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner — Occupational/Environmental Health Liaison Sangeeta Agarawal [email protected]
Certified Nurse Midwifery/Women's Health Nurse Practitioner Liaison Adelaide Papazoglou [email protected]
Family Nurse Practitioner Liaison Nora Ali [email protected]
Health Policy and Public Health Liaison Gladys Partida [email protected]
Master's Entry Program in Nursing Liaison Oluchukwu "Oluchi" Okwu [email protected]
Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Liaison Unfilled  
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Acute Care Liaison Elena Walterman [email protected]
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Primary Care Liaison Nitasha Sharma [email protected]
Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Liaison Alexandra Monrroy
Allyson Evans
[email protected]
[email protected]
Interprofessional Practice Liaison Nayelie Benitez Santos [email protected]


Position Duties

Elected or appointed officers of the ASSN Executive Committee shall consist of:

Duties of the President

  • Preside over all Executive Committee meetings.
  • Appoint ad-hoc committees upon approval by the members in attendance.
  • Formulate an agenda for each meeting and distribute among Committee members prior to scheduled meetings.
  • Act as liaison with the School of Nursing Administration and allied organizations.
  • Coordinate executive officers and activities.
  • Act as official representative of the ASSN at university functions.
  • Ensure the maintenance of the website, public calendar, and social media.
  • Carry out the duties of the Vice President in their absence.

Duties of the Vice President

  • Carry out the duties of the President in their absence.
  • Carry out those duties delegated to them by the President.
  • Oversee recruitment and elections of new ASSN officers during Spring Quarter. Announce the names of the new ASSN officers via email and website.
  • Assist the President in maintaining website, updating public calendar, and administering social media.

Duties of the Treasurer

  • Develop a budget for the school year in collaboration with the exiting and incoming officers during the spring quarter.
  • Coordinate financial transactions of the ASSN.
  • Oversee all financial transactions and expenses of ASSN and to have a record of them available for inspection upon request of any member.
  • Present budget status as a written or visual report at ASSN meeting at the first and last meeting of each quarter. Maintain records of budget reports.
  • Coordinate quarterly disbursements for travel grants and other student activity-related expenses.

Duties of the Secretary

  • Record, maintain and distribute minutes of all meetings in by the end of the meeting week via OrgSync.
  • Record attendance of Executive Committee and other attendees at each meeting. Maintain rosters of members of the Executive Committee (recorded in meeting minutes).
  • Ensure notices of meetings are posted on bulletin board, social media and web calendar.
  • Publicize ASSN programs in available campus publications, including the Student Weekly Digest (box to click for "inclusion on Student Life events list" when creating events/booking rooms via OrgSync or submitting to [email protected]).
  • Determine the voting privileges of those present at the Executive Committee meetings/ create OrgSync polls.
  • Maintain a file of all agendas, minutes, and correspondence of the Executive Committee. Files may be hard-copy and maintained in a digital document repository for posterity.
  • Serve as liaison to the School of Nursing Students Weekly Digest e-newsletter and UCSF ASSN website. Serve as liaison to Synapse, the UCSF student newspaper.

Duties of the Social Chair

  • Lead the planning and coordination of student focused social events within the School of Nursing.
  • Coordinate nursing student participation of social events at the campus level. Communicate with the GPSA Student Events and Publicity Chair to encourage School of Nursing participation in GPSA events.

Duties of the Social Media Manager

  • Oversee ASSN interactions across multiple social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) while building the robustness of ASSN’s online presence.
  • Collaborate with ASSN committee members to plan and implement digital marketing campaigns. May also interact with the School of Nursing's Communications Manager and Communications and Social Media Specialist to assist with various campaigns.
  • Utilize creative thinking to foster community amongst the members of the School of Nursing through impactful digital content.

Duties of the Nursing Alumni Association Liaison

  • Plan, coordinate, execute ASSN/Nursing Alumni Association (NAA) collaborative events.
  • Seek student input in topics of interest for ASSN / NAA collaborative events.
  • Seek out NAA members who can participate in events that meet student needs and interests.
  • Facilitate nursing student engagement at social events at the campus level.
  • Encourage upcoming and recent graduates to join the NAA, give lunch talks, and attend ASSN / NAA events.
  • Work to collaboratively establish databases or other means of facilitating mentorship.

Duties of the GPSA Liaison

  • Represent ASSN by serving as the GPSA liaison at scheduled GPSA meetings.
  • Communicate important issues to the Executive Committee and ASSN members.
  • Assist the GPSA School of Nursing MEPN, MS and PhD Program Representatives in disseminating relevant information to the student body.
  • Oversee recruitment of School of Nursing students to fill GPSA Executive Board and Representative positions during the spring quarter.
  • Increase School of Nursing students’ awareness of the GPSA.

Duties of the Disability Resources Representative

  • Collaborate with the ASSN Diversity Liaison to address issues that students in the SON who are neurodiverse, have disabilities, and other chronic conditions feel are important and are affecting their learning environment and abilities to thrive.
  • Work as a liaison between Student Disability Services, the SON faculty and staff, and the DIVA committee about the ongoing needs of students.
  • Help support SON student-led groups and their goals as UCSF organizations.
  • Support ASSN Officers and Chairs to develop events that enhance and create inclusive spaces.
  • Keep open communication between ASSN and working projects throughout the SON

Duties of the Diversity, Inclusion and Outreach (DIO) Liaison

  • Act as a liaison that helps keep issues students of color in the SON, (MEPN, MS, PHD), feel are important and affect their learning environment and abilities to thrive
  • Help support SON student led groups and their goals as UCSF organizations: Voces Latinas, NSOC, DAS, LGBTQ Communities, and any future student led groups
  • Support ASSN Officers and Chairs create events that enhance and create inclusive spaces
  • Keep open communication between ASSN and working projects throughout the SON
  • Work alongside Student DIVA Representatives to help address current issues and concerns faced by diverse groups or individual students in the SON

Duties of the Sigma Theta Tau International Board Representative

  • One first year and one second year master’s student to represent the UCSF SON in matters regarding Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society.
  • Attend meetings that take place the first Thursday of the month for one hour (with late two-hour meetings in December and March).
  • It is expected to attend and assist with the annual induction of new members. Ceremony takes place annually in June.

Duties of the Student Health Advisory Committee Representative

  • To provide input regarding the quality of the Student Health and Counseling Services program in meeting the needs of UCSF students
  • To serve as the evaluation body for the Graduate Student Health Insurance (UC-SHIP) benefits design
  • To serve as a liaison between Student Health and Counseling Services and the student body to promote communication and outreach
  • To review other current UCSF student health care issues

Duties of the Student Services Fee Advisory Committee Representative

  • To evaluate Student Services Fee-funded units and new Student Services Fee-funded proposals in order to make recommendations for allocations of the revenue generated by the Student Services Fee.
  • To ensure that the proposed Student Services Fee uses are in the best interests of the UCSF students and in compliance with existing policies and guidelines.
  • To evaluate the quality of student services and programs provided by units and recommend ways to improve them, if necessary.
  • To advise and provide information to the campus community, especially students, regarding student services and the committee’s work.

Duties of the Nursing Faculty Council Representatives

  • Act as a student representative regarding faculty in matters related to education and other issues of concern.
  • Review and approve courses for the Consent Calendar. 
  • Determine the required core or foundational courses for each program (i.e., MS, MEPN, DNP, PhD). 
  • Review curricular issues and concerns across program, department, school and institutional lines.
  • Plan, implement and evaluate the programs in the School of Nursing leading to graduate degrees
  • Consider implications of policies and program development on recruitment and retention of students in programs in the School of Nursing leading to graduate degrees
  • Develop guidelines for reviewing, implementing and/or discontinuing specialty areas
  • Communicate and consult with SON Education Policy Coordinating Council on matters affecting students across programs or when addressing issues that affect multiple program councils. 
  • Students are represented in each of these committees that serve the Nursing Faculty Council:
  1. Nursing Faculty Council
  2. Faculty Practice Committee 
  3. Recruitment and Retention Committee
  4. Research Committee 
  5. PhD Program Council
  6. DNP Program Council 
  7. Master’s Program Council 
  8. MEPN Program Council 

Duties of the Specialty and Program Liaison

  • Reports back to ASSN, and the respective Program Council Representative, regarding specialty-specific concerns. Liaisons may also provide suggestions for future ASSN-sponsored events.
  • Liaisons are represented across these specialties and programs:
  • Adult Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist (Oncology and Critical Care Trauma)
  • Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner
  • Adult Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner
  • Adult Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner - Occupational/Environmental Health Nursing
  • Certified Nurse Midwife
  • Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Health Policy and Public Health
  • Master’s Entry Program in Nursing
  • Neonatal Nurse Practitioner/Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Acute Care
  • Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Primary Care
  • Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Interprofessional Practice