We aim to enhance the experience of the student body by serving as a liaison between the students and the School and University, organizing events that bring students together, and supporting student travel or projects.

If you have concerns or need our support on an issue, please email us at [email protected] or leave mail in our mailbox in the Dean's Office lobby (#N-319Y)--or flag down one of our officers!


The ASSN offers reimbursement for travel, projects, and events that enhance the student learning experience at UCSF.

  • ASSN offers six $300 travel grants available each quarter. Applications for the grants are on a first-come, first-served basis until allocated funds run out.
  • The ASSN also reserves an annual maximum of $500 available each School of Nursing-affiliated student group to sponsor activities that benefit nursing students.

Please complete the appropriate forms to start the process. Only complete applications will be evaluated. Contact us if you have questions.

There are two phases to receiving funding:

  1. Apply for funding and receive approval, then
  2. After the event, submit a Request for Payment/Reimbursement to receive your funds.

Funding & Grants.
To begin the application process, please complete this form: ASSN Sponsored Event/Project Fund Request Form

Funding is on a first-come, first-served basis. If your fund request is approved,within 30 days after the event has occurred, you must submit a Request for Payment/Reimbursement Form to receive your funds (see below).

Conference Reimbursement

The ASSN supports students attending or presenting at conferences. Up to six reimbursements of up to $300 each may be awarded each quarter (subject to approval by the ASSN board and available funding). Applications for a conference reimbursement must be submitted after you attend the conference, along with supporting documentation. Please read the full details and terms of the ASSN Conference Reimbursement in the Conference Reimbursement Terms document.

To begin the application process, please complete this form: ASSN Conference Reimbursement Application

Sponsored Event/Project

Funds can be granted to students who organize a special conference, presentation or project that enhances the student learning experience at UCSF. Recent examples include the UCSF Domestic Violence conference and the American Association of Men in Nursing National Convention.

In an effort to share SON news with the UCSF community, we request that if funds are granted, a brief summary of the project/event be submitted to Synapse at [email protected] and to [email protected]. The article template is available here: Synapse Article Template PDF.

Completing Funding/Reimbursement Request

If your funding/reimbursement request was approved, this second form must be completed in order to receive reimbursement:

Additional Funding Sources

Registered Clubs & Organizations can find information about additional funding sources at the Student Academic Affairs, Student Life, respective web page.


ASSN Officers 2017-18


Sarah Goodman

 [email protected]

Vice President

Iva Petrovchich

  [email protected]


Gloria Gonzalez

  [email protected] 

Treasurer/Awards Manager

Christopher Jones

  [email protected]  

Social Chair

JoiLyn Camyl Anderson

  [email protected]

Faculty Council Liaison     

Khaled Zaki

  [email protected]

Alumni Association Liaison

Emma Deboncoeur

  [email protected]

GPSA Liaison

Joey Diel

  [email protected]

Interprofessional Liaison

Talita Oseguera  [email protected]

Social + Behavioral Sciences (SBS) Liaison     



PhD Liaison

Diversity LiaisonDenisse Porter

  [email protected]

MEPN Faculty Council Rep (Group A)Melanie Garcia

  [email protected]

MEPN Faculty Council Rep (Group B)

Karen Lopez-Acero  [email protected]

MEPN Rep (Group A)

Kelly Lavelle  [email protected]
MEPN Rep (Group B)Taylor Cuffaro  [email protected]

Position Duties

Elected or appointed officers of the ASSN Executive Committee shall consist of:

Duties of the President

  • Preside over all Executive Committee meetings.
  • Appoint ad-hoc committees upon approval by the members in attendance.
  • Formulate an agenda for each meeting and distribute among Committee members prior to scheduled meetings.
  • Act as liaison with the School of Nursing Administration and allied organizations.
  • Coordinate executive officers and activities.
  • Act as official representative of the ASSN at university functions.
  • Ensure the maintenance of the website, public calendar, and social media.
  • Carry out the duties of the Vice President in their absence.

Duties of the Vice President

  • Carry out the duties of the President in their absence.
  • Carry out those duties delegated to them by the President.
  • Oversee recruitment and elections of new ASSN officers during Spring Quarter. Announce the names of the new ASSN officers via email and website.
  • Assist the President in maintaining website, updating public calendar, and administering social media.

Duties of the Treasurer/Awards Manager

  • Develop a budget for the school year in collaboration with the exiting and incoming officers during the Spring Quarter.
  • Coordinate financial transactions of the ASSN.
  • Oversee all financial transactions and expenses of ASSN and to have a record of them available for inspection upon request of any member.
  • Present budget status as a written or visual report at ASSN meeting at the first and last meeting of each quarter. Maintain records of budget reports.
  • Coordinate quarterly disbursements for travel grants and other student activity related expenses.

Duties of the Secretary

  • Record, maintain, and distribute minutes of all meetings in by the end of the meeting week via OrgSync.
  • Record attendance of Executive Committee and other attendees at each meeting. Maintain rosters of members of the Executive Committee (recorded in meeting minutes).
  • Ensure notices of meetings are posted on bulletin board, social media and web calendar.
  • Publicize ASSN programs in available campus publications, including the Student Weekly (box to click for "inclusion on Student Life events list" when creating events/booking rooms via OrgSync or submitting to [email protected]).
  • Determine the voting privileges of those present at the Executive Committee meetings/ create OrgSync polls.
  • Maintain a file of all agendas, minutes, and correspondence of the Executive Committee. Files may be hard-copy and maintained in a digital document repository for posterity.
  • Serve as liaison to the School of Nursing Weekly newsletter and UCSF ASSN website (contact person is Courtney Anderson). Serve as liaison to Synapse, the UCSF student newspaper.

Duties of the GPSA Liaison

  • Represent ASSN by serving as the GPSA liaison at scheduled GPSA meetings.
  • Communicate important issues to the Executive Committee and ASSN members.
  • Assist the GPSA School of Nursing MEPN, MSN, and PhD Program Representatives in disseminating relevant information to the student body.
  • Oversee recruitment of School of Nursing students to fill GPSA Executive Board and Representative positions during the Spring Quarter.
  • Increase School of Nursing students’ awareness of the GPSA.

Duties of the Social Chair

  • Lead the planning and coordination of student focused social events within the School of Nursing.
  • Coordinate nursing student participation of social events at the campus level. Communicate with the GPSA Student Events and Publicity Chair to encourage School of Nursing participation in GPSA events.

Duties of the MEPN Liaison(s)

  • Represent MEPN student interests to the ASSN by serving as the representative of the class.
  • Communicate important issues to the Executive Committee.
  • Communicate important issues from Executive Committee discussions to the MEPN students.

Duties of the Faculty Council Liaison

  • Represent and advocate for nursing student concerns/interests to the Faculty Council (FC) by serving as the representative of the ASSN.
  • Communicate important issues to the Executive Committee and to the student body.
  • As needed, invite appropriate faculty members to advocate on the part of the ASSN to the School and the University and serve as a consultant on School and organizational issues. Faculty members may be invited to Executive Committee meetings on an as-needed basis.

Duties of the PhD Representative

  • Represent the interests of the PhD students to the ASSN by serving as the representative of the program.
  • Communicate important issues to the Executive Committee and the PhD student body.
  • Encourage PhD student involvement in the School of Nursing community.

Duties of the Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS) Liaison

  • Represent the interests of the SBS students to the ASSN by serving as the representative of the program.
  • Communicate important issues to the Executive Committee and the SBS student body.
  • Encourage SBS student involvement in the School of Nursing community.

Duties of the Nursing Alumni Association Liaison Committee

  • Plan, coordinate, execute ASSN/Nursing Alumni Association (NAA) collaborative events.
  • Seek student input in topics of interest for ASSN / NAA collaborative events.
  • Seek out NAA members who can participate in events that meet student needs and interests.
  • Facilitate nursing student engagement at social events at the campus level.
  • Encourage upcoming and recent graduates to join the NAA, give lunch talks, and attend ASSN / NAA events.
  • Work to collaboratively establish databases or other means of facilitating mentorship.

Duties of the Interprofessional Liaison

  • Collaborate between ASSN and the current Interprofessional Practice Education course.
  • Outreach to work with Interprofessional Student RCOs and Interest Groups.
  • Work with existing organizations and Interest Groups on the UCSF campus in which nurses are underrepresented, encouraging these groups to incorporate students from the School of Nursing.
  • Coordinate informational and recruitment events by existing RCOs and Interest Groups to include students from the School of Nursing for participation.

Duties of the Diversity Liaison

  • Act as a liaison that helps keep issues students of color in the SON, (MEPN, MS, PHD), feel are important and affect their learning environment and abilities to thrive
  • Help support SON student led groups and their goals as UCSF organizations: Voces Latinas, NSOC, DAS, LGBTQ Communities, and any future student led groups
  • Support ASSN Officers and Chairs create events that enhance and create inclusive spaces
  • Keep open communication between ASSN and working projects throughout the SON
  • Work alongside Student DIVA Representatives to help address current issues and concerns faced by diverse groups or individual students in the SON

Duties of the Disability Liaison

  • Collaborate with the ASSN Diversity Liaison to address issues that students in the SON who are neurodiverse, have disabilities, and other chronic conditions feel are important and are affecting their learning environment and abilities to thrive.
  • Work as a liaison between Student Disability Services, the SON faculty & staff, and the DIVA committee about the ongoing needs of students.
  • Help support SON student-led groups and their goals as UCSF organizations.
  • Support ASSN Officers and Chairs to develop events that enhance & create inclusive spaces.
  • Keep open communication between ASSN and working projects throughout the SON

ASSN Goals

  • To address the concerns of students at the School of Nursing and University levels.
  • To serve as a liaison between the student body and faculty.
  • To improve cohesiveness and communication among students.
  • To organize activities that enhance and promote student experiences within the University.
  • To offer a forum for study and discussion of relevant nursing issues and problems relating to nursing as a profession.
  • To further the quality of graduate education in the S/Nursing.
  • To represent nursing students to the University at large, through participation in the Graduate Students Association.

You, the UCSF School of Nursing Students, contribute to the ASSN through student fees.

We function as the official organization to represent you! All students are welcome to attend monthly ASSN meetings.

Join us on Facebook at the page.

Check out What We Did in 2013-14 (document).


ASSN holds monthly meetings which are open to all School of Nursing Students. We host at least one social event a quarter to bring nursing students together over free food, drink, and prizes. ASSN Executive Board meetings are held monthly.

See our Google Calendar or Facebook page ( for our next scheduled meetings.

Please send email to [email protected] if you will be attending.

Also, the Graduate & Professional Student Association (GPSA, puts on multiple events a quarter. We encourage nursing students to attend GPSA events!