Postdoctoral Studies

Postdoctoral studies are arranged by individual request depending upon specific areas of interest and availability of resources within those areas. Ample and attractive opportunities exist for scholarly pursuits in research, teaching, administration, and clinical work. Some of these opportunities are listed below, others are arranged through contact with specific members of the faculty.

To apply to the UCSF School of Nursing Postdoctoral program, download, print, and complete the application form (PDF format) from the link below. International (non-US) applicants must also complete the financial supplement form. Mail your completed forms to the address at the bottom of this web page. Adobe/Acrobat Reader software or equivalent is required for PDFs.

An option to the Postdoctoral Special Studies program is to visit the School of Nursing. Visits require special advance arrangements. Every attempt will be made to accommodate your requests. Duration of the visit may vary from a day or two to a month. For visits beyond two days, the fee is $185/day or $900/week.


Postdoctoral studies offer the doctorally-prepared nurse or allied health professional an opportunity to pursue scholarly interests in areas of specialized content, including research, methodology, and theory development. An individualized curriculum is designed in collaboration with a sponsoring faculty member from one of the four departments in the School of Nursing: Family Health Care Nursing, Community Health Systems, Physiological Nursing, or Social and Behavioral Sciences. This curriculum is determined by the availability of senior faculty and the interests of the applicant, and may include the auditing of courses in the School of Nursing. Although accepted at UCSF, the Scholar-in-Residence is not officially enrolled but attends through special arrangement. There is no academic credit or official transcript, although a certificate is provided upon completion of study. In addition to enrollment in the Postdoctoral program, individuals whose period of study is a minimum of one year, and who are funded by a fellowship, grant, or traineeship, should explore the possibility of an appointment as a Postdoctoral Scholar in the UCSF Graduate Division.


Estimated Costs


California Residents


Quarterly (10 weeks) $ 6,660

Quarterly (10 weeks) $ 9,114

Monthly Expenses (3 months) $ 7,560

Monthly Expenses (3 months) $ 7,560

Total Cost $ 14,220

Total Cost $ 16,674

Please note: Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice and monthly expenses are generated on estimated costs.

Upon acceptance, a $100 non-refundable deposit is required, payable in U.S. Dollars to the "University of California Regents." This one hundred dollar deposit is applied to the total fee, the balance of which is due when each quarter begins. An additional fee will be imposed for late payments.