Deadlines and Process

We are pleased that you are considering UCSF for your doctoral studies. On this page, you will find detailed information on application deadlines and how to apply to our program.

For more general information about our Nursing PhD program, please visit the PhD Academics Overview pages on this site.

Application Deadlines

Applications for the Nursing PhD program open each year in early July for Fall Quarter admission in the following calendar year. Visit the web site to create and monitor the progress of your application. Applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible. Applications completed by the regular December deadline will have preference for admission and for scholarship funding. Screening of completed applications begins immediately after the regular deadline.

Applications will be accepted until the final deadline in January. At this final deadline, all existing applications will be locked and further submissions/uploads to your application will be impossible. New applications cannot be started after the final deadline; all applications should be initiated well before the published deadline dates. Only those applications completed, locked, and paid by the deadline may be further finalized with any missing documentation from third parties (i.e. letters of recommendation, test scores, and transcript) and received at the Nursing Student Affairs Office.

Please be reminded that incomplete applications will not be reviewed; no exceptions can be made.

The School of Nursing reserves the right to process and admit applicants after the published deadlines.

Doctoral (PhD - Nursing) Admissions Annual Schedule
Action or Activity 2019 Cycle
Web Application Opens - July 2, 2018
Regular Deadline Dec 1, 2018
Screening Begins Dec 2018
Final Deadline Jan 2, 2019
Classes Begin September 2019

Getting Started

It is highly recommended for interested persons and applicants to contact School of Nursing faculty to discuss their questions or interests in doctoral study in person, by email, or by telephone/Skype. It is important that the research interests of the applicant match the expertise of faculty in the School of Nursing. You need to identify at least one faculty member who shares a similar research focus in your application. The Student Affairs Office can supply names of faculty with academic interests in specific areas.

Ordering Official Transcript/Non-U.S. Transcript Evaluation

In your application, identify each post-secondary (after high school) institution you have attended. Unofficial transcripts may be uploaded to your application for screening purposes, but an official transcript is preferred for review. Should you be accepted into the program, UCSF must receive an official (sealed) transcript before enrollment. One official original transcript from each college, university, and nursing school attended must be sent directly to Nursing Student Affairs:

Nursing Student Affairs, PhD-N 2019
2 Koret Way #N-319X
UCSF Box 0602
San Francisco CA 94143-0602      USA

A preliminary transcript should show coursework in progress. If necessary and/or appropriate, a transcript may be individually downloaded (as a PDF) from a password-protected web site, should this be the policy of your institution.

Application Components and Documentation

Please remember that you can sign in and out of your UCSF application as many times as you may need to as you continue the process of completing each part of your application. We recognize that identifying and summarizing your work and academic achievements can take time and effort.

You can check your progress on the application overview page. Green check-mark symbols indicate completed sections. We advise you to plan ahead and ensure all sections have the indicative green check-mark at least two days before the regular/final deadline.

We suggest you keep a copy of each draft as you are developing your CV/Resume, and your goal statement. We recommend that you ask another person to proofread your statement. A well-written statement of purpose is an essential component of a successful application.

All required documents need to be uploaded in PDF format.

Finalizing/"Locking" Your Application

Do not wait until the very last day to finish your application or you will not have enough time to check over and proofread your submission. Unlocking to revise or repair a submitted application is not permitted after the deadline has passed.

When you are confident your materials are complete, final, and ready to be reviewed, you should "lock" your application which marks it as being ready for review by our faculty. There is no advantage to locking early, so plan ahead. Be sure to allow time to correct any information you intend to submit before you apply the lock.

Note: fee payment is also required before your application will be reviewed.

Application Status and Admissions Notification

We invite you to review your application status on the application web site (both before and after) the final submission deadline.

An interview is not required, but may be initiated by the screening committee. Applicants will be contacted individually if an interview is necessary.

When admissions decisions have been made, you will be emailed by the application system that there has been a change in your admission status. Admitted Nursing PhD students will have until April 15 to accept or decline our offer of admission and financial support--per the Council of Graduate Schools Resolution Regarding Graduate Scholars, Fellows, Trainees and Assistants.