Global Nursing Forum

Nurse Forum

The UCSF Global Nursing Forum (GNF) is a Registered Campus Organization (RCO), established in 2015. The GNF mission is to empower nurses in the global community in areas of practice, research, leadership and scholarship. GNF is sponsored by the UCSF SON Center for Global Health. For more information about GNF events and award applications, subscribe to the Global Health Nursing Announcements newsletter, and see below as information becomes available.

The GNF Ambassador Award

Applications opens in 2019.

The GNF, in collaboration with the UCSF School of Nursing Center for Global Health support the global health education and experience of UCSF School of Nursing (SON) students who display interest in global health, empowerment of nurses and working with underserved populations in resource-limited settings. The GNF accomplishes this by creating an environment in which UCSF SON students and faculty can share knowledge and support the learning, empowerment and professional development of nurses committed to making a difference and improving the care of populations in the global community. The Center for Global Health supports these efforts by funding UCSF SON students with travel expenses so they may pursue rotations and other global public health projects in underserved areas, both locally and internationally. 

Student Board

The UCSF Global Nursing Forum depends on its Board of current SON students to fulfill its its mission and to carry out its campus outreach activities. New members are accepted throughout the year, and the Board commitment is structured to accommodate busy student schedules. Benefits of serving on the Board include: networking with like-minded nursing scholars; contributing to the enrichment of the global health learning environment on campus; and building your own global health resume.