Welcome to New Faculty

More than 30 new faculty members have joined the School of Nursing since July 2017, and we’d like to extend a warm welcome.

Community Health Systems: Katelyn Brady, MSN, RN; Nicole Collman, MS, RN, NP; Sandra Domeracki, NP, RN, MSN, BSN; Orlando Harris, PhD, RN, FNP, MPH; Chelsea Landolin, RN, MS, NP; Mary McQuilkin, BSN, RN, MSN, NP, MPH; Kate Melino, RN, MS, NP; Van My Ta Park, PhD, MPH; Melek Totah, BA, MBA; Emily Tuthill, PhD; Natalie Wilson, PhD, DNP, ANP-BC, MPH, MSN, AAHIVS; and Jarmin Yeh, MPH.

Family Health Care Nursing: Michelle Buchholz, BSN, MSN, FNP; Elizabeth Castillo, MPH, MSN, FNP; Marianne Hultgren, RN, DNP; Lisa Lommel, MPH, FNP; Mijung Park, PhD, MPH, RN; Carmen Rivera, CNM, MS; and Kristen Sligar, RN, MN, FNP.

Institute for Health and Aging: Carrie Graham, PhD

Physiological Nursing: Astrid Block, RN, MS, CNS; Agatha Ekeh, RN, MSN, EdD; Elizabeth Fox, MSN, CCRN; Katherine Hettinger, RN, MSN; Andrea Saito, RN, MS, ACNP; Karen Schumacher, RN, PhD, MSN; and Andrea Zengion, ND, MS, CNM.

Social and Behavioral Sciences: Susan Forsyth, Rn, PhD; Kristen Harknett, PhD; Tracy Lin, PhD; Stacy Torres, PhD; Yingning Wang, PhD; and Tingting Yao, PhD.

Astrid Block Headshot Mijung Park Headshot Kristen Harknett Headshot Chelsea Landolin Headshot Kristen Sligar Headshot  Tinting Yao Headshot Karen Schumaker Headshot Natalie Wilson Headshot Orlando Harris Headshot