Top Ranking for UCSF School of Nursing

badge showing top ranking in clinical nursing

The School of Nursing is excited to announce that Healthcare Management Degree Guide has ranked UC San Francisco (UCSF) School of Nursing one of the top programs in Clinical Nurse Leadership and Nursing Administration.

UCSF School of Nursing is the only master’s program in California to make the list issued in February. “This interprofessional program prepares graduates for top leadership roles,” said Master of Science, Healthcare Administration and Interprofessional Leadership (MS-HAIL) Director and Clinical Professor Mary Louise Fleming, RN, PhD, “and extends the School of Nursing’s commitment to developing the next generation of compassionate, well-prepared nurse leaders.” Programs were selected for their rankings based on criteria such as peer assessment score, cost of attendance, accreditation, likelihood of acceptance, and acknowledgement by a national ranking body.

According to the release, the healthcare industry is undergoing some of the most drastic growth and change of all industries in the United States. Additionally, in order to keep pace, healthcare professionals have been asked to fill new roles to bridge deficits in patient care. Nurses specifically, have taken on novel and increasingly significant roles to meet the needs of both patients and the facilities that care for them.

The survey of advanced programs also illustrated two key burgeoning positions—Clinical Nurse Leaders and Nursing Administrators. “The UCSF Healthcare Administration and Interprofessional Leadership master’s degree program is designed for professionals who want to commit themselves to shaping healthcare systems that improve access, affordability, quality, and safety” explained Dr. Fleming. “We developed this program with this demand in mind and are pleased to see this recognition.”

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