Three New Appointments to Endowed Chairs

Three New Appointments to Endowed Chairs

Dear Faculty, Emeriti, Staff, and Friends of UCSF School of Nursing:

Chris Miaskowski, photo

I am very pleased to announce the new holders of three Endowed Chairs. These endowments provide important support to the chair holders in their research, teaching, and clinical efforts.

1. The Sharon A. Lamb Endowed Chair

The holder is a preeminent nurse-scientist with an international reputation, whose research, educational and clinical efforts are in the area of symptom management. Formerly this chair was held by Dr. Marylin Dodd, who is now a Professor Emeritus.

The newly selected holder is Dr. Chris Miaskowski, who is internationally recognized for her work in symptom management. Her clinical activities have focused on symptom management since early in her career, especially pain management. Her clinical involvements have included the development of a pain management practice and continuing work with clinical settings to develop quality measures for pain management. Her mentorship of students and faculty in these areas has been outstanding, spurring them on to many achievements in their own careers.

Her program of research has focused on evaluating the deleterious effects of unrelieved pain and strategies to improve pain management. She is internationally recognized for her scholarly achievements and is the recipient of many awards for her scientific contributions.

Kit Chesla, photo

2. The Thelma Shobe Endowed Chair

The holder's research and teaching is related to the ethical and spiritual dimensions of nursing practice. Formerly this chair was held by Dr. Patricia Benner, who is now a Professor Emeritus.

The newly selected holder is Dr. Catherine (Kit) Chesla. In her research Dr. Chesla has helped to articulate 1) the ethical comportment of patients and families in the face of chronic illness as well as 2) the ways in which health care providers and services support versus impede the family's attempt to create meaning within the context of illness.

She has published and lectured widely on the conflicts that can emerge between care and technology, as well on the spiritual and ethical dilemmas that families face as they live and suffer alongside a family member with progressive or debilitating illness.

She has been involved in past Shobe lectureship activities and as the holder of the endowed chair now will lead these activities. Learn more.

3. The newly established Jack & Elaine Koehn Endowed Chair in Pediatric Nursing

The holder is involved in overseeing clinical and research projects and supervising the training of students in the care of children and their families.

Christine Kennedy, photo

The first holder of this chair will be Dr. Christine Kennedy. Dr. Kennedy has taught across all of the neonatal and pediatric programs in the UCSF School of Nursing and is a leader in pediatric nursing, having served on numerous pediatric and child advocacy boards at statewide and national levels.

She was the impetus behind the integration of all pediatric nursing programs at UCSF and the creation of a cutting edge advanced practice program that was identified by U.S. News and World Report as the premier pediatric program in the country under her leadership. She is a renowned expert in children's health behavior.

Her research on risk taking, nutrition, physical activity and sedentary behavior has had significant implications for understanding the early development of obesity in childhood, along with interventions to reduce obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular risk.

Congratulations to Chris, Kit and Christine!

Dean Kathy Dracup

(July 28, 2008)