Student Spotlight: Cassie Xu, RN, Class of 2023

Cassie Xu, RN

Cassie Xu, RN, is a student in the Master of Science program Nurse-Midwifery specialty and a member of the 2023 graduating class.

Speaking to the School of Nursing, Xu reflects on her journey to nursing, her time at UCSF and what she's looking forward to next. 

What inspired you to pursue a career in nursing?
There are so many reasons I chose to pursue nursing, but it comes down to the ability to be "with" people and support the conversations that lead to their optimal care. I love the role in its firsthand ability to often deeply connect with patients in what can be a short period of time.

What has been a highlight of your UCSF program so far?
My UCSF program has been filled with highlights - from catching babies, to doing my first laceration repair, to sunset drives down the 280 headed to night shift. It's hard to choose one, but if I had to choose, it would be the memories and deep bond my midwifery cohort has formed. We cheer the highs and attenuate the not-so-highs. I feel so fortunate to have a group of such midwives with me.

What has been a highlight of this quarter?
This spring quarter marks our "integration" or, as our cohort calls it, our "midwifery residency!" It's an opportunity to put together all we've learned and be the midwife in a safe, yet accelerated learning environment. I'm really looking forward to putting the heart and hands training we've had all together.

Cassie Xu

Cassie Xu

What advice would you give your younger self, before you started at the School of Nursing?
One step at a time! It's easy to be filled with ambitions and dreams and to get lost in the eagle's eye view. The UCSF program has taught me the value of patience and flexibility in navigating the seeming breadth of tasks that lie ahead. It can be done, day by day.

What’s next in your nursing career?
Graduation is on the horizon! And after that, boards - whew! I look forward to working with my local San Francisco community and can't wait to be your next nurse-midwife and women's health nurse practitioner.