Policy on Reducing the Health Burden Associated with Tobacco

The purpose of this policy is to help advance a wide range of local, state, and national initiatives that aim to advance the nursing profession’s role in tobacco control.


Policy on reducing the health burden associated with tobacco

WHEREAS, tobacco is the primary known cause of death in the U.S., contributing to the onset and exacerbation of numerous diseases, be it resolved that the School of Nursing at the University of California, San Francisco (henceforth referred to as “School,” defined as the School administration and faculty) shall:

1. Endorse policies, regulations, and legislation that aim to reduce the public health burden associated with tobacco.

2. Endorse widespread dissemination of evidence-based strategies to prevent the onset of tobacco use, increase tobacco cessation rates, and reduce exposure to second-hand smoke.

3. Educate students about tobacco control, evidence based nicotine addiction treatment and tobacco industry strategies and actions, which created and continue to extend a global disease pandemic.

FURTHERMORE, in support of our pharmacy colleagues and because the sale of tobacco products is not consistent with the role of pharmacists as providers of health services or as advocates for public health, and because the sale of tobacco products is in direct violation of the pharmacist’s code of ethics, the School shall:

4. Oppose the sale of and use of tobacco products in any facility or establishment where healthcare services are rendered.

5. Endorse policies to eliminate the sale of tobacco products in all pharmacies and stores that contain a pharmacy.


Policy approved by UCSF School of Nursing Academic Senate, November 13, 2015.