Janet Shim Selected for Academic Senate Distinction in Teaching Award

Headshot of Janet Shim

The School of Nursing is proud to announce that Janet Shim, PhD, has been selected by the UC San Francisco (UCSF) Academic Senate as this year’s recipient of the prestigious Distinction in Teaching Award at the Associate Professor level. Awarded annually, the Distinction in Teaching Award recognizes a faculty member for outstanding accomplishments in teaching.



Dr. Shim is admired by many across campus, in addition to those in her home department—Social and Behavioral Sciences. Her areas of interest include: sociology of health and illness; social inequalities in health; science, technology, and medicine studies; race, gender, and class; qualitative research methods. The most recent past recipient of this award from the School of Nursing is Barbara Drew, RN, PhD, FAAN, in 2008-9—see full listing below for previous School of Nursing honorees.

(From left) Janet Sim, Jamie Chang, Leslie Dubbin. Photo: Elisabeth Fall

Since 1951, the San Francisco Division of the Academic Senate has annually recognized exceptional Senate faculty members who have shown distinction in teaching. Beginning in 2002, eligibility for this award was expanded to include faculty in the Health Sciences Clinical and Adjunct series. UCSF students (including residents or fellows) or faculty may nominate UCSF faculty for the Academic Senate Distinction in Teaching Awards and are strongly encouraged to do so.

Dr. Shim will receive an award plaque, an honorarium, and will be recognized by the Senate in a ceremony to be held in Spring 2016 and by the Chancellor during the annual Founders Day Banquet. The Academic Senate will post a formal press release with details regarding all of this year’s winners as well as save-the-date for celebratory reception in the upcoming weeks. Check the Academic Affairs website, UCSF News, or UCSF Campus Calendar for more information.

School of Nursing

UCSF Distinction in Teaching Awards Recipients

2015-2016 Janet Shim, Social & Behavioral Sciences

2008-2009 Barbara Drew, Nursing

2002-2003 Ellen Scarr, Family Health Care Nursing (honorable mention)

1999-2000 Howard Pinderhughes, Social & Behavioral Sciences

                   Susan M. Kools, Family Health Care Nursing (honorable mention)

1997-1998 Kathleen Puntillo, Physiological Nursing

1995-1996 Christine Kennedy, Family Health Care Nursing (honorable mention)

                   Margaret Wallhagen, Physiological Nursing (honorable mention)

1994-1995 Gaylene Becker, Social & Behavioral Sciences

                   Kathleen Puntillo, Physiological Nursing (honorable mention)

1993-1994 Catherine Chesla, Family Health Care Nursing (honorable mention)

1992-1993 Barbara Drew, Physiological Nursing

1991-1992 Christine A. Miaskowski, Physiological Nursing

                   Adele E. Clarke, Social and Behavioral Sciences (honorable mention)

1990-1991 Jeanne F. DeJoseph, Family Health Care Nursing

1988-1989 Catherine L. Gilliss, Family Health Care Nursing (honorable mention)

1987-1988 Susan Janson-Bjerklie, Physiological Nursing

1986-1987 Sandra J. Weiss, Mental Health, Community and Administrative Nursing

                  Susan Janson-Bjerklie, Physiological Nursing (honorable mention)

1985-1986 Marylin J. Dodd, Physiological Nursing

1984-1985 Sandra J. Weiss, Mental Health Care Nursing (honorable mention)

1982-1983 Jane S. Norbeck, Mental Health Care Nursing

1981-1982 Laura J. Rief, Family Health Care Nursing

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