Increasing the Pipeline to Faculty Diversity

Orlando HarrisStacy TorresStella BialousJerry Nutor

Increasing the Pipeline to Faculty Diversity

There is greater diversity among the newest SON ladder rank faculty. Orlando Harris and Stacy Torres joined the faculty in 2018, and Stella Bialous and Jerry Nutor will join this July.

A number of campuswide and universitywide initiatives have made visible the importance to outreach and recruit a high-quality diverse workforce to advance excellence in graduate education, research and scholarship and evidence-based clinical care. These initiatives are the President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, Advancing Faculty Diversity and the Underrepresented Junior Faculty Recruitment Fund.

  • Orlando Harris, PhD, FNP, MPH is an assistant professor in Community Health Systems. Harris’s research has focused on understanding the social and cultural determinants of health for Caribbean men who have sex with men and transgender women, with an emphasis on structural inequalities, social and societal context, psychosocial and social networks.
  • Stacy Torres, PhD, is an assistant professor in Social and Behavioral Sciences. Torres's work sheds a unique light on how we think about social ties and social relationships among older people.
  • Stella Bialous, RN, DrPH, FAAN, will be a professor in Social and Behavioral Sciences. Bialous is a leading research expert in policies to address tobacco industry interference with policy making and is a leader in capacity building of nurses for tobacco control engagement.
  • Jerry Nutor, RN, PhD, will be an assistant professor in Family Health Care Nursing. Nutor’s research addresses the relationship between water access and toilet access on medication adherence intention among Zambian women who are HIV positive and enrolled in Option B+ treatment.