December Student Profile

Each month we profile a faculty member and student from our School of Nursing community. In December, we feature Jennifer Darden, Family Nurse Practitioner focus, Diabetes Fellow.

Student—Jennifer Darden
Headshot of Jennifer Darden

Area of focus: Family Nurse Practitioner, Diabetes Fellow

Year: 2016

Membership(s): UCSF Sigma Theta Tau, Bay Area Black Nurses Association, National Black Nurses Association

Undergraduate Institution: San Francisco State University, City College of San Francisco

Undergraduate Major: BS Nursing

Why nursing with a diabetes focus: I chose nursing with a diabetes focus because I wanted to be able to address this disease that disproportionately affects my African American community. I wanted to learn from experts in the field, to be exposed to evidenced based research on diabetes, and to learn how I can address this disparity as an advanced practice nurse. Ever since becoming a nurse, I have seen how diabetes effects a person’s physical and emotional health. And while I have seen how resilient some people and families are around diabetes management, too often have I cared for those that struggle with this disease and it’s many complications. As a public health nurse, I have linked up with nursing organizations and local churches to provide cardiovascular health screenings to African American communities in SF and Oakland. As a RN, I have provided diabetes management in the outpatient and acute care setting. As an advanced practice nurse trained in diabetes management at UCSF, I absolutely cannot wait to share all the knowledge that I have gained with my community and future nurses.

Hobbies: singing and volunteering

Fun fact about you: I can kinda sorta speak Japanese. I took Japanese for 4 years in high school.

Useful tip for incoming students: Get ready for an amazing career as a nurse that offers endless opportunities. I leave work feeling very fulfilled every day. Try your best to keep up your self-care, because I find it easier to serve when my own cup is full.

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