A Chat With Sharon Solorio As She Reaches 35 Years at UC 

Sharon Solorio receives milestone award

Sharon Solorio, an administrative officer in the Department of Physiological Nursing, is celebrating 35 years of service with the University of California system. Pictured at left, she received a certificate honoring this significant service milestone from UCSF Chancellor Sam Hawgood at a May campus celebration.

How many years have you worked specifically at the School of Nursing: 19 years

What does your current role entail? Clinical placement support for faculty and students. I’ve interacted with well over 1,000 students at the SON.

What inspires you in your work at SON? I love hearing about all of the fantastic research our School of Nursing faculty conduct.

What is one of the big changes you’ve seen at SON over the years? Improved computer software programs that better support the training programs, faculty and students.

Something that most people might be surprised to learn about you: San Francisco native

Favorite thinking or leisure spot on campus: Outside promenade next to the Koret Building that overlooks the School of Dentistry, but more importantly has a delightful view of Golden Gate Park and the Pacific Ocean!

If I won the lotto, I would: Travel the world.

Your best/most memorable vacation to date was to: Alaska