Celebrating School of Nursing's 2024 Awardees

SON 2024 Award Recipients

The School of Nursing honors excellence and innovation through its annual awards to students, faculty, staff and preceptors. In addition, the Nursing Alumni Association presents awards to alumni. The school will recognize the recipients during an awards celebration on May 23.

Student Award Recipients

SON Student Award Recipients
From left: Kyung, Oppegaard, Shin, Gaylord, Amada Fletcher Apacible, Haston
  • Distinguished Dissertation Award in Nursing: Minjung Kyung, Kate Oppegaard and Joosun Shin
  • Outstanding Doctor of Nursing Practice Award: Jessica Gaylord
  • Cait Walsh Award in Nursing: Maria Amada Fletcher Apacible, Maureen Haston
SON Student Award Recipients
From left: Tungol, Nathan, Perumal, Velazquez
  • Outstanding Master of Science Award: Mark Tungol
  • Outstanding Post-Master's Student Award: Neal Oppenheimer (not pictured)
  • Meritorious Service Award: Sarah Nathan
  • Emma Deboncoeur Trans Health Scholarship Award: Cariann Perumal
  • Community Impact Doctoral Student Award: Johanna Velazquez

Faculty Award Recipients

  • Teacher of the Year (student nominated): Cynthia Belew
  • DNP Mentor of the Year (student nominated): Marianne Hultgren
  • PhD Mentor of the Year (student nominated): Linda Park
  • Excellence in Educational or Curricular Innovation (faculty nominated): Elizabeth Castillo
  • Excellence in Clinical Mentoring (faculty nominated): Kristen Silgar
  • Excellence in Creating a Supportive Learning Environment (faculty nominated): Lewis Fannon
SON Faculty Award Recipients
First row: Belew, Hultgren, Park; Second row: Castillo, Sligar, Fannon


Staff Award Recipients

Achievement Awards: These awards recognize sustained, exceptional performance and/or significant contributions over at least six months.

Emebet Aklilu, Rachel de los Reyes, Pamela Dudzik, Maddy Griffith (not pictured), Bertina Lee, Cynthia Mercado-Scott, Anita Setiawan, Daniel Yaangh

Achievement Awards 2024
First row: Aklilu, de los Reyes, Dudzik; Second row: Lee, Mercado-Scott, Setiawan, Yaangh


SPOT Awards: These awards recognize significant achievements and contributions, as they occur, for a specific project or task over a short period of time.

Debbie Acoba, Momal Afzal, Judy Alonzo, Sandra Blanco, Toni Burruel, Genessis Garcia Moreno, Paige Gilbert, Crystal Hunt, Michael Jaffe, Ladi Khoddam-Khoransani, Kristen Kirksey, Lisa Klope, Bertina Lee, Nicholas Marley, Nancy Ngo, Michelle Pavlik, Marilu Sujey Perea, Jill Poe, Megan Rilla, Katherine Tam, Griselda Thomas, Janelli Vallin, Jeremy Wong, Michelle Wong-Ng

SON 2024 SPOT Awards
First row: Acoba, Afzal, Alonzo, Blanco, Burruel, Garcia Moreno, Gilbert, Hunt; Second row: Jaffe, Khoddam-Khoransani, Kirksey, Klope, Lee, Marley, Ngo, Pavlick; Third row: Perea, Poe, Rilla, Tam, Thomas, Valli, Wong, Wong-Ng

Brandee Woleslagle Blank

2024 Chancellor Award for Exceptional University Service

This award recognizes staff employees for their extraordinary professional commitment and individual contribution to university service and citizenship that goes above and beyond the scope of their individual functions.

Brandee Woleslagle Blank

Anna Kuo

Helen Martin Award for Precepting

Anna Kuo

2023-2024 Academic Year Preceptors of the Month (not pictured; names listed in order of the month they were recognized): Veronica Fuata, Claire Parker, Elizabeth Colglazier, Diana Kobayashi, Marilyn Bazinski, Nicole Sata, Jennifer Serafin, Ijeoma Okonkwo Pope, Grace Moore Lee, Andrea McDade, Kara Ramos, Nicole Tilton

Pauline Chin

Alumni Award Recipient

Jane Norbeck Distinguished Service Award: Pauline Chin

Linda Franck


Helen Nahm Research Lecture Award Recipient

The Helen Nahm Research Lecture Award recognizes a UCSF School of Nursing faculty member or alumnus who has made outstanding contributions to nursing science and research.

Linda Franck, 43rd Lecture Awardee