Celebrating School of Nursing's 2022 Awardees

School of Nursing 2022 Awardees


The School of Nursing honors excellence and innovation through its annual awards to students, faculty, staff and preceptors. In addition, the Nursing Alumni Association presents awards to alumni.

    Student Awards

    • DNP Project Award: Douglas Wagemann
    • Distinguished Dissertation in Nursing: Sukardi Suba
    • Distinguished Dissertation in Sociology: Melanie Jeske
    • Community Impact Award: Melanie Jeske
    • Nursing Alumni Student Award for Meritorious Service: Lior Bloom
    • Outstanding Master of Science Award: Whitney Bagby and Vivian Huang
    • Cait Walsh Award in Nursing: Chris Bowerman and Lana Kipnis
    • Emma Deboncouer Trans Health Scholarship Award: Mags Hines
    Student Award recipients 2022
    First row: Douglas Wagemann, Sukardi Suba, Melanie Jeske, Lior Bloom. Second row: Whitney Bagby, Vivian Huang, Chris Bowerman, Lana Kipnis.
    Faculty Awardees 2022
    First row: Jyu-Lin Chen, Caroline Stephens, Andrew Penn, Andrea Kuster. Second row: Yoonmee Joo, Helen Horvath, Miranda Surjadi, Jenny Liu.

      Faculty Awards

      • DNP Mentor of the Year (nominated by students): Jyu-Lin Chen
      • PhD Mentor of the Year (nominated by students): Caroline Stephens
      • Teacher of the Year (nominated by students): Andrew Penn
      • Overall Teaching Excellence Award: Andrea Kuster
      • Excellence in Clinical Mentoring (faculty nominated): Yoonmee Joo
      • Excellence in Creating a Supportive Learning Environment (faculty nominated): Helen Horvath
      • Excellence in Educational or Curricular Innovation (faculty nominated): Miranda Surjadi
      • Excellence in Research Mentoring (faculty nominated): Jenny Liu

      Helen Nahm Research Award

      • Carol Dawson-Rose (40th Lecture Award)
      • MarySue Heilemann (41st Lecture Award)
      Helen Nahm Awardees
      Carol Dawson-Rose (left), MarySue Heilemann (right)
      Achievement Awardees 2022
      Left to right: Andrea Benavente, Jill Lam, Sharon Lee, Megan Rilla and Katherine Tam

        Staff Awards

        Achievement Awards (in recognition of sustained, exceptional performance and/or significant contributions over at least six months):

        • Andrea Benavente
        • Christie Chu
        • Jill Lam
        • Sharon Lee
        • Megan Rilla
        • Katherine Tam

        Spot Awards (in recognition of significant achievements and contributions, as they occur, for a specific project or task over a short period of time):

        • Andrea Benavente
        • Phyllis Blackwell
        • Christie Chu
        • Crystal Hunt
        • Shey Jamtsho
        • Kaori Keller
        • Diana Koeplin
        • Frances Lee
        • Anne McGuire
        • Echo Rowe
        • Tammy Ryan
        • Michael Sano
        • Sara Wingate
        • Brandee Woleslagle Blank
        • Jeremy Wong
        • Michelle Wong-Ng
        Staff Awardees 2022
        First row: Phyllis Blackwell, Crystal Hunt, Shey Jamtsho, Kaori Keller. Second row: Diana Koeplin, Frances Lee, Echo Rowe, Tammy Ryan. Third row: Michael Sano, Sara Wingate, Brandee Woleslagle Blank, Jeremy Wong.
        Amelia Baurmann
        Amelia Baurmann


        Preceptor Awards

        Helen Martin Award for Clinical Precepting: Amelia Baurmann

        2021 Preceptors of the Month (listed in order of month awarded): Lynn Martin, Gabrielle Westergren, Jerry Saliman, David Gordon, Anna Kuo, Nana Efua Adabie, Dena Cuyet, Monica Mafla, Janet Godfrey

        2022 Preceptors of the Month (listed in order of month awarded): Piera Wong, Sheri L. Foote, Angelina Caserta, Tania Yarema

        Alumni Awards (given by the UCSF Nursing Alumni Association)

        • Jane Norbeck Distinguished Service Award: Schola Matovu
        • Alumni Practitioner Award: Kelly Kirby
        • Alumni Philanthropic Impact Award: Roland Zepf
        Schola Matovu, Kelly Kirby, Robert Zepf
        Left to right: Schola Matovu, Kelly Kirby, Robert Zepf