What: An intensive, field-based clinical and leadership skills course for nurses who want to lead improvement of maternal child health (MCH) in low-resource settings

When: September 4 – 15, 2017

Where: Neno District, Malawi


Global health leaders develop their professional skills in the field, not in the classroom. The GAIN Maternal Child Health Short Course offers nurses/midwives the opportunity to learn evidence-based practices in the high-needs setting of rural Malawi. Most maternal deaths in low resource settings are preventable when a properly trained birth attendant is present during delivery. Through innovative teaching methods, American and African experts in MCH will lead participants through clinical and leadership skills curriculum and experiential learning activities. The training is designed and hosted collaboratively among partners who are on the forefront of advancing nursing and MCH in Malawi: UCSF School of Nursing and Partners in Health. The goal of the short course is to equip nurses with the skills and the voice to offer women worldwide safe and respectful deliveries. Participants will be part of a network of global health nursing leaders who build solutions to improve health worldwide.

Course Objectives

  1. Use evidence-based practices to provide timely, compassionate and high quality nursing/midwifery care
  2. Build leadership and teaching skills in a collaborative environment
  3. Implement projects to improve quality of care in a low-resource clinical setting
  4. Empower nurses and midwives in team-based approaches to patient care

Curriculum Components

The curriculum emphasizes evidence-based practice, leadership development, and quality improvement. Curriculum topics will include:

  1. Strategies for nurses/midwives in global health leadership and management
  2. Clinical topics include maternal, newborn, pediatric care, and clinical assessment skills
  3. Mentorship and training in a low resource setting
  4. Quality improvement in outpatient and inpatient settings
  5. Promoting advocacy and patient centered healthcare
  6. Implementation of WHO Safe Childbirth Checklist


UCSF graduate students can participate in the September 2017 GAIN short course as a SON Global Health Practicum experience. For more information, please see the information and application document here, or contact soncenterforglobalhealth@ucsf.edu.