In Science of Caring: Healthy Aging, Climate Change

In response to a speech by California Governor Jerry Brown, Dean David Vlahov of UCSF School of Nursing speaks to the role of nurses and the nursing profession in combating climate change.
Can community choirs improve the health of older adults?
UCSF School of Nursing cognitive neuroscientist Julene Johnson attempts to find out.

These stories and more in UCSF Science of Caring Magazine, the online periodical from the School of Nursing, University of California, San Francisco. (web site).

Dean with student

Nailah Cox. Conference Participant, Dean Catherin Gillliss, Brianna Singleton, UCSF PhD student

Frank Sidders, conference participant shares thoughts during Disparities in Mental Health Session

Conference Participants Rosario Hernandez, Guendi Castaneira, and Tangitinga Paama unwind after Day One of conference

Nursing Leaders of Tomorrow Conference Group Picture

Conference participant Shelia Riffe participates in discussion

Howard University Scholars at the Nursing Leaders of Tomorrow Conference