May Profiles

Each month we profile members from our School of Nursing community. In May, we feature Yana Peterson.

StaffYana Peterson 
headshot of Yana Peterson

Area of focus: Faculty Support, Purchasing, and HR for the Institute for Health & Aging / Department of Social & Behavioral Sciences.

Years at UCSF: 2 years

What’s the best part of the work you do: Interacting with faculty, staff, and interns. It is very rewarding supporting different projects and gaining knowledge about various fields of study. This encourages me to learn new things every day and keeps me loving what I do. I also enjoy mentoring our student interns from SFSU, who are recruited from the Health Education program. It is the same program that I was recruited from, and it feels gratifying to give back.

Hobbies: Crafting, being a gym junkie, and watching Giants baseball.

Fun fact about you: I have a lizard named Gerald, after Gerald “Buster” Posey, and he lives in my office.

Useful tip regarding UCSF: UCSF has many unique resources for you to utilize, and they are at your fingertips. If your research project needs a service, it is most likely available! Ask your administrative staff how you can best utilize those resources to benefit your team.

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