Currently Featured in Our Science of Caring Magazine

Advancing the Global Classroom - 
Experimenting in the brave new world of online learning, UCSF School of Nursing transforms two of its courses into MOOCs and wins fans around the world. 

National Leader to Direct Diabetes Minor - 
Nurse practitioner Maureen McGrath returns to UCSF to lead new diabetes minor at UCSF School of Nursing.

Managing Diabetes: The Nurse Practitioner's Role - 
NPs drawing on their entire skill set – including the ability to build relationships with patients and families – can be the key to more effective diabetes management.

Nursing in Disasters 
UCSF nurse leaders consider collaboration with a first-of-its-kind Japanese doctoral program in disaster nursing.

Nurse’s Perspective Enhances Local School Board –
As an elected trustee on the San Leandro School Board, Carmen Ward-Sullivan brought a nursing perspective to her work and expanded healthy options for the students in her community.

Unearthing Clues to Help Understand and Manage Chronic Illness 
The research of nurse scientist Elena Flowers could eventually lead to more personalized – and more effective – interventions for cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

What Volunteer Clinical Faculty Do: Andrew Penn and Psychiatric Nursing –
Andrew Penn brings years of experience in psychiatric care to students, nurses and patients.

Award-Winning Program Gives Child Care Centers Tools to Reduce Pesticide Use –  
Abbey Alkon, director of the UCSF California Childcare Health Program, led a multidisciplinary team to create an award-winning toolkit that helps child care centers reduce their use of potentially toxic pesticides.