2016-18 Dickson Emeritus Professorship Award to Carrieri-Kohlman

Headshot of Virginia Carrieri-Kohlman

The School of Nursing is delighted that Professor Emerita Virginia Carrieri-Kohlman, RN, MS, PhD, FAAN, has received a 2016-18 Dickson Emeritus Professorship Award. Created by a gift endowment from the late Edward A. Dickson, Regent of the University of California from 1913 to 1946, the Dickson Emeritus Professorship Award honors outstanding research, scholarly work, teaching, or public service activities by a UCSF emeritus/a professor that have continued since retirement.

The highest priority for the Dickson Awards is support of activities that benefit the campus and for which funding is not available from other sources. Carrieri-Kohlman’s proposal entitled The Measurement of Dyspnea: Translation To Clinical Practice was selected along with two other emeritus colleagues as this year’s awardees. James E. Cleaver, PhD, and John Gordon Frierson, BA, MD, both from the School of Medicine join her in their appointments, which commence July 1, 2016 and conclude on June 30, 2018.

Carrieri-Kohlman is a former Fulbright Scholar whose research focuses on dyspnea (difficulty in breathing) across different illnesses. She studies correlates of dyspnea, treatments to affect dyspnea in acute and chronic settings, and exercise as a treatment for dyspnea. Carrieri-Kohlman also studies symptom management of dyspnea in terminal lung-disease patients. She received her BS from Cornell University/New York Hospital School of Nursing, and her MS and a DNSc from UCSF School of Nursing. Carrieri-Kohlman has received numerous honors including election as a fellow of the American Academy of Nursing and appointment as the Helen Nahm UCSF Distinguished Research Lecturer. She has also published extensively.

The awardees will be known as the Edward A. Dickson Emeritus/a Professor for the duration of the award. Each UC campus receives funds to support one or more awards each year. All emeritus/a faculty in all series, including those on recall, are eligible to apply. Activities that may be recognized by the Award include any area of teaching, research or public service, whether or not it is directly related to the nominee’s previous career accomplishments. See past recipients of the Edward A. Dickson Emeritus Professorship Award.