2011 Promotions

Annette Carley, RN, MS, NNP, PNP, has been promoted to HS Clinical Professor. Annette has been integral to the neonatal advanced nursing practice program in her 16 years at UCSF. She was the lead faculty for the UCSF-University of Hawaii neonatal program collaboration, a HRSA-funded project (2008-2011). Among her many accomplishments, she has been recognized for her creative and innovative teaching to enhance learning, receiving the 2009 School of Nursing Excellence in Education/Curricular Innovation Award.

Janice Humphreys, RN, PhD, PNP, FAAN, has been promoted to Professor. Janice is internationally known for her program of research on the impact of intimate partner violence (IPV) and other traumatic exposures on women’s health, and exploring mechanisms that underlie women’s symptoms. Among her many accomplishments, she received the Excellence in Nursing Research Award from the Nursing Network on Violence Against Women International in 2009.