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  • Spring Quarter 2016 Class Schedule, updated 4/22/16: 16spsch-160422.pdf
  • Fall Quarter 2015 Class Schedule, updated 9/28/2015:15fasch-150928.pdf
  • Spring Quarter 2015 Class Schedule, updated 4/3/2015: file15spsch-150403a.pdf
  • Winter Quarter 2015 Class Schedule, updated 11/14/2014: file15wisch.pdf
  • Fall Quarter 2014 Class Schedule, updated 9/26/2014: 14fasch.pdf
  • Summer 2014 Class Schedule, updated 4/28/2014: 14susch.pdf
  • Spring Quarter 2014 Class Schedule, updated 3/26/2014: 14spsch.pdf
  • Local versions may not be available. See the campus site for other listings.
  • School of Nursing Commencement Ceremony, 6/10/2016: 11 a.m. at the Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall

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