Science of Caring Highlights

Friends & Colleagues,

Advanced practice nurses have long understood that uncovering more effective ways to work collaboratively with professional colleagues is the best way to improve outcomes for our patients. Our December issue of Science of Caring highlights some important ways we at UC San Francisco are pursuing the goal of enhanced collaboration.

  • Our lead story, a companion piece onCenteringPregnancy, and an accompanying photo essay all illustrate how certified nurse-midwives and nurse-midwife trainees team with physicians, residents and patients to help ensure childbirth is as safe and as natural an event as possible.
  • Another story describes an introductory workshop on interprofessional education for first-year students from UC San Francisco’s five professional programs.
  • Volunteer faculty member Clarissa Ospina Norvellwrites about how a varied career led to her important work with HIV/AIDS patients at San Francisco General Hospital’s Positive Health Program.

Please remember that at its best, Science of Caring is a conversation and that you can now add your comments to the bottom of each article. In addition, if you have story ideas, responses to articles, questions, or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact our editor, Andrew Schwartz. 

David Vlahov, RN, PhD, FAAN 
Dean and Professor of Nursing Education 
UCSF School of Nursing


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