We aim to enhance the experience of the student body by serving as a liaison between the students and the School and University, organizing events that bring students together, and supporting student travel or projects.

If you have concerns or need our support on an issue, please email us at or leave mail in our mailbox in the Dean's Office lobby (#N-319Y)--or flag down one of our officers!


The ASSN offers reimbursement for travel, projects, and events that enhance the student learning experience at UCSF.

  • ASSN offers six $150 travel grants available each quarter. Applications for the grants are accepted during a window each quarter and chosen for funding by lottery method after the window closes.
  • The ASSN also reserves $600 available each quarter for student groups to sponsor activities that benefit nursing students.

Please complete the appropriate forms to start the process. Only complete applications will be evaluated. Contact us if you have questions.

There are two phases to receiving funding:

  1. Apply for funding and receive approval, then
  2. After the event, submit a Request for Payment/Reimbursement to receive your funds.

Funding & Grants.
To begin the application process, please complete this form: ASSN Sponsored Event/Project Fund Request Form

If your fund request is approved,within 30 days after the event has occurred, you must submit a Request for Payment/Reimbursement Form to receive your funds (see below).

Conference Reimbursement

The ASSN supports students attending or presenting at conferences. Up to six reimbursements of up to $150 each may be awarded each quarter (subject to approval by the ASSN board and available funding). Applications for a conference reimbursement must be submitted after you attend the conference, along with supporting documentation. Please read the full details and terms of the ASSN Conference Reimbursement in the Conference Reimbursement Terms document.

To begin the application process, please complete this form: ASSN Conference Reimbursement Application

Sponsored Events/Projects and Conference Reimbursements

If your funding/grant request was approved, this second form must be completed in order to receive reimbursement:

Sponsored Event/Project

Funds can be granted to students who organize a special conference, presentation or project that enhances the student learning experience at UCSF. Recent examples include the UCSF Domestic Violence conference and the American Association of Men in Nursing National Convention.

In an effort to share SON news with the UCSF community, we request that if funds are granted, a brief summary of the project/event be submitted to Synapse at and to The article template is available here: Synapse Article Template PDF.

Additional Funding Sources

Registered Clubs & Organizations can find information about additional funding sources at web page.


ASSN Election Update, June 2015


Audrey Combs

Vice President

Mike Sweeney


Diana Teng


Vanessa Puschenderf     

Awards Manager

Sam Lee

Social Chair

Ashley King

Faculty Council Liaison     

Marge Suda

Interprofessional Liaison  

Eli Fox


Cate Flanagan

Alumni Association Liaison        

Megan Rathfon

ASSN Officers 2014-15

President: Audrey Combs
Treasurer: Vanessa Puschendorf
Awards Manager: Ameera Snell
Secretary: Diana Teng
Social Chair: Ashley King
Faculty Council Liaison: Margaret Suda
Alumni Association Liason: Megan Rathfon
GPSA Liaison: Cate Flannagan
Social + Behavioral Sciences (SBS) Liaison:
      Charlie DeVries
PhD Liaison: Linda Ottoboni
MEPN Rep (Group A): Eli Fox
MEPN Rep (Group B): Mike Sweeney

ASSN Goals

  • To address the concerns of students at the School of Nursing and University levels.
  • To serve as a liaison between the student body and faculty.
  • To improve cohesiveness and communication among students.
  • To organize activities that enhance and promote student experiences within the University.
  • To offer a forum for study and discussion of relevant nursing issues and problems relating to nursing as a profession.
  • To further the quality of graduate education in the S/Nursing.
  • To represent nursing students to the University at large, through participation in the Graduate Students Association.

You, the UCSF School of Nursing Students, contribute to the ASSN through student fees.

We function as the official organization to represent you! All students are welcome to attend monthly ASSN meetings.

Join us on Facebook at the page.

Check out What We Did in 2013-14 (document).


ASSN holds monthly meetings which are open to all School of Nursing Students. We host at least one social event a quarter to bring nursing students together over free food, drink, and prizes. ASSN Executive Board meetings are held monthly.

See our Google Calendar or Facebook page ( for our next scheduled meetings.

Please send email to if you will be attending.

Also, the Graduate & Professional Student Association (GPSA, puts on multiple events a quarter. We encourage nursing students to attend GPSA events!