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School of Nursing Bulletin (Course Catalog)

In past years, the School of Nursing Bulletin was published annually, and included the course catalog, descriptions of our degree programs, masters specialty areas, and a roster of our faculty. The 2010-11 and following editions are published on-line, the most recent edition was last revised in 2013. Caution: this is a 240-page PDF document, allow sufficient time for downloading (use "Save As") and open from your hard drive (instead of within a browser's display window).

UCSF Course Catalog and Course Descriptions


Master of Science (MS) Program

Doctoral (PhD) Programs

Doctoral/PhD Curriculum, Doctoral Program Council (DPC)

For details on specific recommended courses and the Doctoral Foundation Course Schedule, see the following:

The curriculum is subject to periodic revision at the discretion of the faculty.

Doctoral (PhD) Research Residencies

  • Before the Qualifying Exam, doctoral students are expected to take two quarters of Research Residency for a total of six units (course N 276). The list of research residencies is compiled annually by the Research Office.

Course Evaluation

School of Nursing courses are generally surveyed at the end of the quarter using E*Value software. For more information, contact Jill Lam in the Dean's Office.