ADN-to-Masters 'Pathway' Program


ADN-MS Pathway Program

The Associate Degree in Nursing to Master of Science Pathway Program (“ADN-MS Pathway”) is for Registered Nurses who have earned an Associate Degree in Nursing and have not earned a bachelor's degree, or higher degree, in any major or field of study.

Pathway participants begin their course of study by enrolling in one of several bachelor completion programs at John F. Kennedy University (JFKU) or Golden Gate University (GGU), our educational partners. Typically, Pathway participants complete their bachelor's degrees in 18 - 24 months at GGU or JFKU. Once that baccalaureate has been earned, participants are eligible for the MS program at UC San Francisco School of Nursing.

A number of defined specialty areas offered in the MS program at UCSF are open to Pathway participants, as long as participants graduate within a time frame agreed to by the participant, their GGU or JFKU advisor, and a UCSF designated faculty or staff representative. Participants must complete the MS application and identify their choice of MS specialty area a minimum of nine months prior to graduation from GGU or JFKU. If the participant chooses an oversubscribed specialty area in which UCSF cannot guarantee acceptance for Pathway participants, the participant's application will be screened and evaluated for admission with the general pool of applicants to the specialty area, provided the application meets the February admission review cycle timelines.

All of the information in the section “Master of Science in Nursing Program” and the section “Areas of Master's Degree Specialization” is relevant to prospective Pathway participants.

Pathway participants are required to meet admission requirements of the MS program (see “MS Admission Requirements”), including licensure, a course in statistics, creating a goal statement, a minimum of one year of RN practice experience, and computer literacy. Prospective participants should pay close attention to providing evidence of personal qualification and capacity for graduate study as noted in the MS admission criteria.

For information on enrolling in the ADN-MS Pathway program, contact the Office of Enrollment Services at John F. Kennedy University: 844/890-6912; [email protected] (email); or, the Office of Enrollment Services at Golden Gate University at 888/GGU-EDU1;[email protected] (email), or visit GGU.



For information regarding tuition please visit the Office of the Registrar.