Kimberly Jinnett, PhD

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Dr. Jinnett is currently affiliate faculty at UCSF in the Institute for Health and Aging, School of Nursing and President of The Center for Workforce Health and Performance. CWHP is an independent and objective source for scientific reports and educational resources on healthier, happier and longer working lives. By developing knowledge around workforce health and performance improvement and disseminating it widely through scientific and educational forums, CWHP contributes to the adoption of evidence-based policies and practices that support a healthier, happier and high-performing workforce, a healthier economy and, in turn, healthier and more productive communities.

Dr. Jinnett's main research interests center on connecting organizational policies and practices with individual health-related outcomes. Much of her current research work demonstrates the effects of work climate, treatment and symptoms (e.g., pain, fatigue, sleeping problems, psychological distress) on assessments of work stress, work attendance, job performance and other functional outcomes.

In her continuing research and through prior research at RAND, the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Integrated Benefits Institute she has focused on a variety of organizational areas including staff satisfaction, turnover, treatment team functioning, leadership and staff morale. In addition to studying how managers can be more effective, she has served in senior management and strategic planning positions in a variety of organizational settings including non-profit, county and federal agencies.

Dr. Jinnett received a doctorate in public health and sociology at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and her master's of science in public health at UCLA.
MSPH, 1990 - Health Planning & Policy Analysis, University of California,Los Angeles
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