Jill Esquivel, RN, PhD, NP

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My program of research focuses on the development and testing of interventions for symptom management in heart failure patients. In particular, my research centers on improving patients’ and family members’ abilities to utilize self-management strategies to manage their heart failure and avoid hospitalizations. In addition, my research focuses on the further development and testing of these interventions in non-English speakers and Indigenous populations, where hospitalization rates as well as mortality from HF are significantly increased. Currently, I am testing an educational intervention that is designed to optimize the self-care skills for Spanish-speaking patients with heart failure. The ultimate goal of my program of research is to determine whether self-care interventions can improve symptoms, physical function, ho
Fellowship, Robert Wood Johnson, 2011-2014
Marie Cowan Young Investigator Award, American Heart Association, 2010-2011
Fellow, American Heart Association, 2009
Faculty Enrichment Award, UCSF, 2008-2009
1st Place Nursing Research Award, Heart Failure Society of America, 2006-2007
M.S., 1991 - Nursing (Family Nurse Practitioner), University of California, San Francisco
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