Palliative Care Minor


The UC San Francisco School of Nursing Masters of Science Palliative Care Minor was designed to provide a spectrum of content related to palliative care. Students will experience didactic and clinical learning opportunities focused on:

  • Complex symptom management
  • Advanced communication skills required for effective palliative care practice
  • Interprofessional teamwork
  • Psychosocial, spiritual, and cultural issues
  • Self-care techniques
  • Chronic and acute disease-specific patient burden assessment and management
  • Caregiver assessment and intervention
  • Mentorship in a clinical setting.

The core competencies of palliative care professionals extend far beyond knowledge and technical competence to include advanced communication skills, moral reasoning and ethical judgment, affective learning, and intrapersonal competence.


The 2 courses and 1 elective (6 units in a minimum of 3 courses) required to obtain the palliative care minor are listed below:

Tier 1: Students must complete both of these courses

  • N203 Palliative and End of Life Care across the Continuum (3 unit option)
  • N203A Advanced Communication in Palliative Care

Tier 2: Electives (choose one)

  • N221.01 Theories of Aging and Palliative Care Research
  • N283F Cultural and Ethical Issues in Pediatric Complex Care
  • FCM 140.45 Integrative Approaches to End-of-Life Care
  • CP162 Pain Management and Palliative Care for Clinical Pharmacists

Tier 3: Extracurricular palliative care activities

  • Negotiated with director of the palliative care minor

Elective options:

Deadlines and Screening

1) Contact DorAnne Donesky during your first quarter of enrollment to request receipt of ongoing information related to the Palliative Care Minor.

2) Enroll in N203 for 3 units during winter quarter of first year.

3) Express your interest in the minor to the coordinator by completing an info sheet prior to the conclusion of N203.  

Palliative Care Minor Graduates

Palliative Care Minor Kick-Off Reception 2014

Palliative Care Minor Kick-Off Reception 2014

Palliative Care Minor Graduates

Palliative Care Minor Graduates 2015

Palliative Care Minor Graduates

Palliative Care Minor Graduates 2016