School Of Nursing Staff Members Celebrate Service Milestones

SON staff celebrate service milestones

Ten SON staff members were honored for their years of service and longstanding dedication to the University of California at a May 10 campus celebration. Congratulations to the following colleagues who were recognized for achieving a service milestone:

  • Sandra Blanco, Purchasing/Travel Assistant, Family Health Care Nursing department, 20 years
  • Cecilia Chang, Assistant Dean of Finance, Dean’s Office, 25 years
  • Bruce Cooper, Senior Statistician and Associate Adjunct Professor, Dean’s Office,15 years
  • Michael Jaffe, Facilities Manager, Dean’s Office, 15 years
  • Steven Johnson, Student Services Advisor, Dean’s Office, 10 years
  • Sandra Le, Academic Programs Officer, Dean’s Office, 10 years
  • Judy Martin-Holland, Associate Dean for Diversity, Inclusion and Community Outreach, Dean’s Office, 25 years
  • Grace Mausisa, Clinical Nurse, Physiological Nursing department, 15 years
  • Tiffany Nguyen, Financial Analyst, Dean’s Office, 25 years
  • Sharon Solorio, Administrative Officer, Physiological Nursing department, 35 years

Pictured above are Sandra Blanco, Cecilia Chang, Bruce Cooper, Steven Johnson, Judy Martin-Holland, Grace Mausisa, Tiffany Nguyen and Sharon Solorio.

Posted: May 28, 2019