New Research Themes Advance Mission for Health Equity

By Milenko Martinovich

Consistently ranked among the nation’s top nursing schools in National Institutes of Health funding, the UCSF School of Nursing is committed to enhancing its research strength and leverage its expertise to advance health and health equity.

The School has unveiled five research themes that serve as the focus of its research mission. The themes will facilitate and promote interdisciplinary collaboration across the university, and align with the needs of California and beyond. Together, faculty will work to advance these five research areas, while training predoctoral and postdoctoral researchers to take innovations to the next level.

“We have to be responsive and forward-thinking and responsive,” said Julene Johnson, the School’s associate dean of research. “As science changes, we need to be able to pivot quickly on emerging topics, in addition to building on the long-standing strengths of the School.”

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(Posted: July 30, 2020)