Licensed Vocational Nurses Option

For Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) wishing to complete coursework pre-requisite to the Registered Nurse licensure examination, the School offers a 45-quarter-unit LVN option. This option is for LVNs without associate or bachelor's degrees. The LVN option is offered in compliance with California Law on a space-available basis. The LVN option is offered at the same cost as the first 12 months of our Master's Entry Program in Nursing (MEPN). Visit the Registrar's website for the most current fee information. 

Interested applicants can contact the Office of Academic Programs at (415) 476-1435 to arrange for mandatory, objective counseling and to advise about space availability. Requests for objective counseling must be made by August 1 before submitting an application.

Completed applications are due by September 1 of the year preceding the June in which the applicant intends to enroll. Space is limited; all applications will be screened and an interview will be required prior to acceptance. Students admitted to the LVN option must comply with pre-enrollment immunization requirements and complete a Criminal Background Check (CBC) and drug test, details will be provided after acceptance. It should be noted that a student enrolled in this option does not receive a degree, is not matriculated and, therefore, has no transferable units. This option leads to licensure in California and may not be accepted in other states.