TA for N262

Duration/Time frame
Spring Quarter 2023 (April 3, 2023 - June 25, 2023)

Job Posting Date: Sept. 23, 2022

Job Description:

N262 Foundations in Nursing Scholarship is designed to provide the advanced-level nurse with the necessary knowledge and skills to analyze and utilize research and other evidence during administrative or clinical decision-making. The course is designed to facilitate evaluation of the research process, development of clinical questions and the critical appraisal of research papers with an equitable approach in practice as advanced-level clinicians and leaders in nursing disciplines.

The course will be taught in spring 2023. There are two teaching assistant (TA) and/or teaching resident (TR) roles available. The roles will support the two co-Faculty of Record (co-FORs). Specific responsibilities include:

1. Update and maintain the CLE site
2. Assist with facilitating interactive activities during Zoom class under the direction of the co-FORs
3. Answer students' questions on CLE
4. Provide consultative support to students, and hold office hours for technical and content assistance

Time Commitment:

20% time (8 hours per week). 


$29.69 per hour

How to Apply: 

Students may contact faculty member Jerry Nutor at [email protected] to express interest in the position.

Contact Info

Contact Name
Jerry Nutor, PhD, RN
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