Global Partnerships

UCSF-HKSHMG Evidence-Based Practice Program

The Center for Nursing Excellence and Innovation at UCSF Health formed a partnership with the Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital Medical Group (HKSHMG) in 2015. The UCSF-HKSHMG Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) program includes education and training relating to evidence-based practice, coaching, and guidance to assist clinician participants in conducting a rapid cycle, small test of change in their home unit at HKSHMG. This process also includes connecting participants with clinical experts at UCSF through video sessions and an on-site clinical attachment at UCSF. Since 2015, 62 HKSHMG clinicians (Nurses, Dieticians, and Pharmacists) have participated in this innovative and impactful program.

Minkun Yang Memorial Global Leadership Initiative

This initiative was established within the UCSF Leadership Institute, in partnership with Min-Sheng General Hospital, to address the growing demand for a more skilled nursing workforce, trained in evidence-based practice, quality improvement, and leadership within Taiwan. Following a year-long feasibility study, in April 2022, the UCSF Leadership Institute will facilitate a variety of programs during a week-long immersion in Taiwan. These include:

  • Two 2-hour Intro to EBP presentations for health care leaders and clinicians
  • 20-hour EBP Champion Training for 12 experienced nurses & NPs
  • 25-hour Leadership Training Program for eight seasoned nursing leaders

Additionally, UCSF will develop a customizable leadership immersion in San Francisco, California for six Min-Sheng General Hospital nursing leaders and representatives in November 2022. Throughout 2022, UCSF will offer monthly virtual coaching sessions for the EBP training participants focused on project implementation, as well as for participants in the Academy for Healthcare Leadership focused on leadership effectiveness.